Pатник is a Saiyan who was on a mission to planet Kоролевствоat the time of the destruction of Planet Vegeta. Frieza did not know this at the time but soon sent elites to destroy Pатник and his team. The team killed the elites soon as the battle began. When Frieza heard about this he went to stop the group of rouge saiyans. The saiyans fought hard. They fought evanly aginst Frieza. Frieza decided that the only way to destroy the


saiyans was to blow up planet Kоролевство. When the planet got blown up Pатник was able to survive because a local Yadrat (that the saiyan team spared) named Cпаситель used instant transmition to planet империя. Pатник was so angry about the death of his friends that he managed to go Super saiyan uper saiyan. Him and Cпаситель transmited over to Frieza's ship. Pатник fought his way up to Frieza's room. Zarbon and Dodoria were on a errand so it was just Frieza. Pатник and Frieza faught hard but Pатник was wining. But, King Cold did not leave Frieza alone on his ship. Cooler was there also. Cooler heard the noise and saw Pатник about to kill Frieza. Cooler fired a death beam at Pатник makeing lose his super saiyan form. But when Frieza was about to kill Pатник Cпасительslamed Frieza and Cooler in the back of the head. Both Cooler and Frieza lost there memory and Cпаситель transmited him and Pатник away. They were never haerd from agian.

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