Dragon Ball: Forever is a fan fic created by shayne0423, which adds all aspects of dragon ball in what-if situations. It introduces many new characters like Shakono, and the 8 Kis.

Story so farEdit

Saga 1: The Suru Saga

Sharo is a 12 year old kid who loves to fight. his mom, Benna, and dad, Bryn, always wonder if he is the chosen super saiyan. during a world tournament, he fights goku, and beaten in an intense battle. after, Sharo over hears Goku saying he only went 6% on Sharo. at this, Sharo reveals himself and challenges Goku for a battle. Goku declines and Sharo (out of anger) punches Goku, but Goku stands there without a scratch. Sharo is amazed, but afraid. He goes on all day asking Goku to train with him, but Goku uses Instantaneous Transmission and Sharo instantly tries it himself. It works! Sharo looks around and found Goku hiding in a rocky land. Goku finally teaches him and Sharo becomes super-strong. After a month of training, a forest fire happens just west to the training grounds, and they investigate. After searching Sharo gets punched in the face by a Starrier, which magically knocks him out. Goku freaks out and he tries to attack. Goku cannot beat him at normal form. Goku turns Super Saiyan and beats down Suru. Suru, bloody, tenses up and turns into a dragon, who looks like he barely took a scratch. Goku, even at SSJ, gets destroyed by him.

Saga 2: The New Shenron Saga

Saga 3: The Ki's Tournament Saga

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