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Dragon Ball: The New Reigin of Chilled-SamaEdit

After the fierce battle with Omega Shenlong Goku san decided to relax at the dragon dimension. What he did-

n't know was what evil he would face. Goku's was starting to dissapear. "Goku san you shouldn't be here you're body can't handle it. The only way to stay here is to go through your life almost exactly the same, but much harder." said Shenlong. Goku san thought it shouldn't be very hard accept Omega Shenlong. He was on the nimbus with gohan taking him to Roshi san's house he knew what was coming. Raditz. Instead Tarble showed up though. Goku san knew he had seen him before, Goku san just defeated him without trouble. He naxt apeared in front od Chilled-sama. Goku san was being defeated. He thought Chilled-Sama was just stronger, but when he tried to go super saia-jin he couldn't. Chilled-Sama was obviously much stronger than last time. Goku San's base power was super saia-jin 3's original power and it was still weaker than Chilled-Sama's power. Goku San saw Kurrin get killed agian and went super saia-jin. Chilled-Sama had a new trick up his sleeve. He transformed. He was at super saia-jin 4's power level now. The match went on, but Goku San was getting beat. He decided to use the Super Kaio Ken along with the super saia-jin transformation.Goku San was tring his best to keep Chilled-Sama from going 100% power. It was a very even match. Blow for blow. It looked as if it were completely even until Chilled-Sama couldn't hold his form anymore. Goku San's Super Kaio Ken wore off. Goku San was defeating Chilled-Sama. In time he defeated Chilled-Sama. He was transported to the next place where instead of seing Cell, he saw Android 18