Goku: Thing are bad here, Vegetrunks is out cold, and the other Z-Fighters are not here yet. I think I might have
to fuse with Vegeta to mecome Vegetio. YES!!!!! Vegetunks just got up and they unfused.

Vegeta: Get over here Goku, we need to fuse it's the only way.

Goku: If you say so Vegeta, Let's do it. (FUSION HA!)

Vegtio: Haha, in this form Majin Cell won't stand a chance.

Uub: *Uub lands* Hey Vegtio help is here do you thinkI sould fuse with someone.

Krillin: No, things are covered here. We won't need back up.

Vegtio: Kamehameha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Majin Cell. *Falls and burns up*

Vegtio: Let's unfuse.

Goku: There!

Vegeta: NNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!