Goku: Things are great here, i am training with Trunks and Vegeta. Trunks and Vegeta have been in Fusion for
the last hour. They call their fusion Vegetrunks. They are trying to become even stronger but Vegeta has Super Saiyan 5. I think here over trains.

Vegetrunks: Goku, you know i must stay the most powerful.

Goku: *Laughs* I will pass you, just watch.

Vegetrunks. UNFUSE.

Vegeta: There. And YES I will stay number 1

Uub: *Lands* Hey, I feel like Cooler and Friza are back.

Trunks: What? I feel their power too, but I think they fused...

Bulma: *Walks in* Here Goku, there's some food.

Goku: Thanks Bulma. Hey Vegeta let's go check it out.

Vegeta: Yeah...

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