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Goku: HI guy's before you read this you should probably catch up.I fused with the dragon balls long ago then used my new found power's to wish everyone back to life. But now there is a new evil and his name is King Flaim leader of the Fya - Jins he came to conquer Planet Bardock but a few of us won't let him now here is the story you've been looking forward to.

Meta Burter and Meta Jeice: Sir, We land soon on Planet Bardock. Frog Ginyu: Ribbit. King Flaim: Good They will never expect a Fya - Jin they only know of the weakling Ice - Jins.

Meanwhile on Earth

Goku: AND THATS MY WISH SHENRON. Shenron:Your wish can be granted But this is your final wish after this i will return to your body. Vegeta,Bulma,Trunks,Bulla,Gohan,Goten,Chi Chi,Ox king,Krillin,18,Krilla (NEW CHARACTER ALERT Krilla - Krillins younger yet taller sister and wife of Yamcha),Uub,Pan,Falecia (NEW CHARACTER ALERT Falecia - Younger sister of Videl and Girl Friend of Trunks) And the rest of the Crew.

Gou: Guys

Vegeta: Kakarot?

Everyone else: GOKU!

Goku: Hi

Just then "BOOOOOOOOOOOM" Radio:There was just a crash in West City it looks like the ships those saiyans Came in. News Guy:These are not Saiyans its a Bionic Red Guy,A frog,A Bionic Snake Guy and A MONSTER. *a death beam hits news guy*

​Uub: I'M GOING AFTER HIM *flies off*

Meanwhile after Uub Uub:*lands*

King Flaim:What do we have hear a pest to toy with.


King Flaim:Oh so the little one want's to play WELL PLAY WITH THIS. *Fires a death beam Uub's heart*

Uub *barfs blood and Coughs*

King Flaim: Down so early Nightmare? *steps on Uubs head*

Uub: *screams in pain* AAAAAAAAAAAAH

King Flaim *crushes Uubs head* Your nightmare's just begining.

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