Ginyu Force SagaEdit

Frieza devises a mission for the Ginyu Force to conquer Planet Yadron for him in order to sell it. The Yadrons are mystical beings, similar to Babidi, that can create very extraordinary things. Ginyu orders the rest of his crew to kill the normal wizards Yadrons while he seeks out the leader. The Ginyu Force engage in battle. The majority of the Yadrons in that location were killed. That's when the Elite Yadrons arrived. Though they were killed too. Then, one Yadron devises a plan. He telepathically talks to his brothers to release Seth, the ultimate being of existence. Once the Ginyu Force were finished with that quadrant, they moved on to the next one. Consequently, the Yadrons were brewing up Seth in order to get rid of the people who threatened their home planet. After awhile, Captain Ginyu arrives at the royal palace where Seth and the wizard Yadrons were hiding. Captain Ginyu demanded to see the person in control. At the same time SETH IS BORN. The King Yadron spoke with Ginyu only to tell him his time has come. Then Seth appears before them. Right before he makes his move, he teleports to the Ginyu Force. They all don't think he is a threat until he powers up, then they become horrified. Soon after, Seth killed all four of them instantly then teleports back to Ginyu, who is a few miles away from the Yadron Palace. Ginyu is surprised to see that Seth defeated his entire group, but still does not think he can take him on. Then Seth proceeds to power up to a power level of 50,000, then 60,000, then 80,000, then so on until he reaches 550,000. As Seth's power rises up, Ginyu feels less and less confident and now more and more afraid. Upon reaching his pseudo-full power, he also kills Ginyu in an instant. Frieza is not amused.

Frieza SagaEdit

Frieza learns of the Ginyu Force's defeat and heads to Planet Yadron with the majority of his men minus Dodoria. Upon their arrival, Frieza orders his men to find out who killed the Ginyu Force. They almost proceed until Seth arrives at the scene. Seth tells Frieza that he defeated the Ginyu Force and says he will do the same thing to him. Frieza scans his power level only for it to say 5,000. Some of the soldiers are shocked, but Frieza, Zarbon, and Cui don't feel threatened. Not until Seth does some kind of mystical move on Frieza's men by lifting them into the air and exploding their bodies simultaneously. Now Frieza is shocked. Only him and Seth remain on the battlefield. Frieza re-scans Seth's power level only for it read a whopping 1,000,000. Frieza gets angry and charges at Seth. Seth dodges all of his attacks and even lands in a punch to the chin. Frieza stops his anger for a moment and realizes his Plan B. He reveals his 2nd form to Seth and calls for round 2. They proceed and they seemed to give it their all. Neither one had the upper hand on the other until Seth decides to put an end to this and pierces through Frieza's gut with a swift punch and blasts him away. Frieza, now dead, lays on the floor with a hole in his stomach. Back on a ship Frieza's men begin to worry why Frieza has not returned from Planet Yadron. King Cold is curious as well and tells his men to set a course for Planet Yadron to see what was going on. The same events seem to occur with King Cold as they did with Frieza (Scanning power levels, instant deaths, epic battle) then King Cold, Dodoria, and the others are defeated by Seth. Minutes later, some Yadrons arrive and learn of the good news. They cheer on Seth and crowned him as savior of their world. Far away, the last remaining Saiyans, Vegeta, Nappa, and Raditz learn about Frieza and his father's defeat through their scouters and finally decide to take a stand. Vegeta and Nappa decide to reconquer all the planets that Frieza had taken for himself while Raditz heads to Planet Earth to seek out his brother Kakarot, a.k.a Goku, to join their conquest of universal domination. The same events happen as they do in DBZ where Goku and Raditz are killed by Piccolo and the Saiyans head for Earth. At this time, Seth knows everything about himself. He can pretty much do anything possible. So he thinks up a challenge in his head. After lots of thinking, he undergoes a transformation and assumes the appearance of a human being. Then he tells the Yadrons to call him by the name of Sagat in his human state. Then he says that he cannot assume his former self (Seth) until he defeats this fierce foe on Earth known as Cell. He explains that if he kills Cell in his Perfect state, he can get his own self back. But, to get to Earth he asks for the Yadrons to work their magic to allow him to breath in space. They proceed and Sagat now acquires this new ability because while thinking, he set his ki to be just as powerful as Cell's in his perfect state and uses his fast speed to head to Earth a few minutes after the Saiyans arrive.

Saiyan SagaEdit

The Saiyans arrive on Earth just as they do in DBZ. But, a few minutes before Nappa plants the Saibamen, Sagat arrives with the intent of killing Vegeta and Nappa. The Z-Fighters are puzzled to see this human with a weird ki. Vegeta and Nappa scan Sagat's power level which says 9001. Nappa is very surprised and Vegeta as well. Then, Sagat reveals even more power than he put out before which breaks both of their scouters then he defeats them easily with a few punches. The Z=Fighters were in total shock. They trained for an entire year only for it to be pointless. Krillin asks for his name and the human replies Sagat. Sagat tells them that he will come back to Earth soon and flies back to Planet Yadron. After that event was over, the Z-Fighters wish Goku back. 1 year later, the mysterious boy named Trunks comes to Earth, telling Goku and the others that 3 years from now, 2 killer Androids will appear to kill the Z-Fighters and Goku will die from a heart virus. They trained in that timeframe and Goku was lucky enough to unlock the Super Saiyan transformation.

Android SagaEdit

The events of the Android Saga are more or less the same up until Goku's fight with Android 19. Seth decided that in this universe Goku did not suffer from the heart virus just so he can be in battle longer. Instead of the heart virus affecting him, Android 19 choked Goku's neck and was slowly absorbing his energy that way. Vegeta is dead in this timeline so instead of him saving Goku, Sagat appears and punches Android 19 off of Goku. Dr. Gero is disappointed and orders Android 19 to kill that human and Goku. 19 tries to carry out his plans, but Sagat dispatches of him quickly and ultimately destroys him. Dr. Gero becomes afraid and flees to his laboratory in order to release Androids 17 and 18. Piccolo, Tien, Chiaotzu, Gohan, and Krillin head after him while Yamcha takes Goku back home to recover his strength. Sagat disappears and waits for the right opportunity to come. The events of Piccolo getting his energy drained by Dr. Gero is replaced by Gohan and Piccolo saves him. Gero flees off then the Z-Fighters later discover his laboratory. Elsewhere, Future Trunks arrives in the present timeline and heads off towards the Z-Fighters. Gero releases the Androids and is killed by 17. 16 is not activated in this timeline. Future Trunks arrives at the scene while the Androids flee to kill Goku. The Z-Fighters chase after them. In one fight, all of the Z-Fighters except for Krillin are defeated.

Cell SagaEdit

An hour later, Sagat arrives back on Earth, but specifically where Cell's larval shell is. He senses his ki nearby and flies towards him. Sagat meets up with Cell and they engage in a small conversation. Cell was thinking about absorbing Sagat and incorporating him into his body, but Sagat reveals something interesting to Cell. He tells him that he knows where 17 and 18 are and asks Cell to follow him to allow him to complete his perfection. Cell agrees, but before they depart, Future Trunks arrives in front of the two while Krillin and Bulma are still in the Capsule ship. Future Trunks recognizes Sagat based on the Z-Fighters mentioning him. He walks over to greet him, but steps back after sensing Cell. Future Trunks somehow feels disgusted, but confused. Sagat ends his confusion by knocking him out with a chop to the neck. Cell is pleased with Sagat's decision and they both fly off heading for the Androids. Krillin senses Trunks' ki dropping nearby and flies towards him. Krillin not knowing what happened just brings him to Kame House along with Bulma in order for him to recover. Later, Sagat and Cell finally meet up with 17 and 18. They engage in small conversation with one another until Sagat swoops in and uppercuts 17, leaving him unconscious. 18 is shocked, but it is not a moment later until Sagat does the same to her. Cell, now pleased that he can achieve his perfection thanks to Sagat, happily absorbs the Androids and after several earth-shattering minutes, he acquires his final form. Cell thanks Sagat once again for allowing him to fulfill his desires and asks to spar with him to test out his abilities. Sagat declines and proposes a different idea. He wants Cell to start a tournament (Cell Games) to fight against the strongest people on the planet. It was exactly what Cell had in mind and he agrees with his plan. He gives him and everyone else 10 days to prepare and broadcasts his tournament to the world.

Cell Games SagaEdit

Fast forward 10 days later and the Cell Games has begun. The contestants are still the same (Mr. Satan, Goku, and Gohan) with an addition to Future Trunks wanting to fight after Gohan. The matches begin with Mr. Satan losing against Cell. After awhile, the next match: Goku vs. Cell ends in a victory for Cell just like in DBZ. Gohan and Cell are about to start their fight, but suddenly, Sagat drops in and halts the match. He asks for Cell to fight him first. Cell happily obliged since he didn't think Gohan would be of a challenge. Sagat doesn't hold back any more power. He decides to use his maximum power from the start. This shocks Cell very much. Sagat increases his speed and knocks Cell off his feet. Then he throws a quick punch in his back, flying him into the air, then smashes him back down with a double axe handle. After a couple of beatings, Cell gets more and more angry and stops the fight by flaring his ki. Sagat knows Cell is done for and swiftly elbows him in the gut. This, however, would stop Sagat's chance at regaining his original form because after the impact, Cell regurgitates 18 and regains his second form. Sagat and the Z-Fighters were shocked and the latter saw it as an opportunity to get rid of Cell for good. But, Sagat would not allow it. In order to regain his original form, Sagat must defeat Cell in his perfect state and then absorb his soul. To allow for that event to occur, Sagat tells Cell that he has a second chance and tells him to reabsorb 18 so they can continue their match. Cell agrees, but Trunks invades and tries to stop it. Sagat gets in the way and punches him aside. Goku and the other Z-Fighters agree with the plan and try to help out. But, Sagat held them all off long enough for Cell to suck 18 back into his body and acquire his perfect form again. Sagat was pleased and decided to end the battle quickly. He resumed beating on Cell before the latter could increase to his full power and charged up a powerful blast. The Z-Fighters got out of the way and Sagat blasted his ki wave at Cell incinerating him and destroying his entire body. After his death, Cell's soul was finally absorbed by Sagat and after a long transformation, he gets his original form back and calls himself Seth again.

Omega Shenron SagaEdit

The Z-Fighters think there is no chance to stop Seth now. Seth makes it very true when he summons all seven of the dragon balls to their location. One by one they came from different locations around the planet and after they all arrived, he summoned Shenron. Seth wished for Majin Buu to be resurrected, but specifically as Super Buu with all of his absorptions. Shenron made the wish, but Seth countered it and made Yamcha become Majin Buu. Everyone was surprised. The ZTV news cast was still up and running and warned everyone about the horrible actions of seth. Before Shenron could depart, Seth did something strange. He blasted a weird smoke at Shenron which engulfed the dragon and made him transform. He turned into Black Smoke Shenron which then split into seven Shadow Dragons and they all traveled across the Earth like in GT. Everyone was still confused and didn't know what to do to stop it. Seth, however, had another interesting plan in mind. He telepathically spoke to Syn Shenron and asked for him to kill the other 6 Shadow Dragons and become Omega Shenron and wish for his body to be resurrected because supposedly after producing a negative Shenron zapped Seth of his life force and he needed Omega Shenron to bring him back to life. Syn agreed and sought to find the other Shadow Dragons. While dead, Seth instructed Majin Buu to keep the Z-Fighters at bay while Syn carried out his duty. The gang stood no chance against Majin Buu and were all knocked unconscious. Hours later, Syn acquired the dragon balls from the other Shadow Dragons, became Omega, and resurrected Seth. Seth congratulated Omega on a job well done and killed him and Majin Buu in cold blood. Later, the Z-Fighters woke up to Seth in front of them and he asked for a battle royale. The Z-Fighters did everything they could to stop Seth, but he was just so powerful that they couldn't possibly do anything. In the end, they were all killed. Seth's fun in this universe was over so he decided to find Future Trunks' time machine and teleport to a different universe and cause chaos there.

New Saiyan SagaEdit

After teleporting, Seth found himself back to when the Z-Fighters were battling the Saiyans and the Saibamen. He used Instant Transmission to get to their battlefield. He arrives and halts the fight. The same events happen as they do when Seth previously fought the Saiyans, but this time the Saibamen were already created and he kills them first before doing the same to Vegeta and Nappa. He keeps everyone else alive and just leaves the planet. Goku had completed his training with King Kai and somehow unlocked all of the Super Saiyan transformations including Super Saiyan God then was later resurrected via the dragon balls.

Lu Bu SagaEdit

A year has passed and the Z-Fighters are still living their lives. Goku and Gohan are at home and everyone else are where they need to be. But, a new threat has come to Planet Earth. A mighty warlord known as Lu Bu with his entire super army have flown to Planet Earth via a huge spaceship in hopes of inhabiting it after Frieza had blown up his home planet. Lu Bu killed Frieza personally and his men got rid of the rest of his army. After arriving, Lu Bu instructed his men to scour the entire planet to see how many people lived here. Lu Bu's army consisted of very powerful men, each as strong as a normal Super Saiyan. His general, Zhang Liao has a battle power equivalent of a Super Saiyan 2. His advisor, Chen Gong and his wife, Diao Chan have a battle power just above Lu Bu's average soldier. The process took some time, roughly 1 hour and a half. But, it wasn't long until Goku and the gang realized something strange. They could sense the soldiers' power and realized they weren't just tourists. The time had passed and all the soldiers returned to Lu Bu to tell him the population was over 5 million. Then he orders his men along with General Zhang Liao to split up into groups and get rid of the population. They all disperse. Back at home, Goku senses trouble and flees to the scene. Yamcha, Krillin, Tien, and Chiaotzu engage in a battle with the soldiers, but they are defeated easily. Goku arrives at one of the cities and sees the soldiers terrorizing it. He flies over and kicks one of the soldiers in the face. This triggers all of them to head after Goku. But, Goku transforms into a Super Saiyan and dispatches of them quickly. They call for reinforcements, but even they are defeated too. Out of all the people in the army, only Chen Gong can sense battle power and tells Lu Bu of what he senses. He tells him that there is a fighter nearby defeating all of his men. Lu Bu is curious to see who that person is so he, his advisor, and wife fly off to see who is responsible for defeating his men. Minutes after Goku's battle with the soldiers, Lu Bu and the others arrive. Lu Bu is surprised to see that one man defeated the majority of his army so easily and asks to fight Goku. Goku agrees and Lu Bu begins powering up. Goku is shocked at Lu Bu's enormous strength and just instantly transforms into Super Saiyan God for safety. Somewhere else across the planet. Zhang Liao and some of the other soldiers are terrorizing another city. But, Piccolo arrives and tries to stop it. At this point, Piccolo magically acquires a battle power of a Super Saiyan 2, possibly from Seth lurking about somewhere. With this strength, Piccolo kills Lu Bu's remaining soldiers and lays face to face against Zhang Liao. They exchange a few words and begin their fight in the city. Back in the other fight, Goku begins his battle with Lu Bu. They exchange blows and Lu Bu gets angry and starts putting out more energy. Goku acts cautiously and fights carefully. In the other fight, Piccolo and Zhang Liao are the same. None can top over the other. While fighting, Goku mentions that he will wish everything Lu Bu and his men done back to normal using the dragon balls. Lu Bu is confused, but Goku doesn't spill out anymore information regarding the dragon balls. That's when Chen Gong comes in and reads Goku's mind to know exactly what the dragon balls do and explains it to Lu Bu. Lu Bu gets excited since he knows he can now achieve immortality. He tries halting the match with Goku to go find the dragon balls. But, Goku jumps back in the fight and Lu Bu has no choice but to as well. They continue their drawn out battle until Lu Bu decides to end it with a maximum powered ki wave. Goku begins charging up a Kamehameha then their waves clash. Both of them are having trouble pushing over the other. That's when Diao Chan tries helping Lu Bu by blasting a direct ki wave at Goku. This has no effect on Goku, but it acts as a disturbance so he flares his ki and pushes Diao Chan away and on the ground. This severely angers Lu Bu and he pushes out even more ki than before. Goku can barely hold it back, but he still hangs in there. Then, the change happened. Seth had finally appeared in front of the clashing of the blasts and sucked in all the energy. Goku and Lu Bu stopped putting out more ki and remained exhausted. Goku recognizes that person to be Seth from his friends that talked about him. Seth demanded to fight Lu Bu himself so nobody would be in the way between him and Goku. Lu Bu accepted his challenge and they began their battle. Back with Piccolo, the fight still seems to be at a stand still between him and Zhang Liao. Then, Piccolo came up with a plan. He flew up into the air and Zhang Liao followed him. That's when Piccolo quickly charged up a Special Beam Cannon directly at him. Zhang Liao was caught off guard and the blast pierced his stomach, killing him. With that fight over, Piccolo went to go help out Goku. Gohan met up with Piccolo along the way and they traveled together. Seth and Lu Bu started their fight with Lu Bu throwing a punch at Seth and he quickly dodged it. Then Lu Bu thought something different and threw small red energy spheres at Seth, but to no avail. Seth finally retaliates and was decimating Lu Bu. Lu Bu stands no chance and is at the brink of death. Diao Chan couldn't bare to watch and flies over to save Lu Bu, but Seth brushes her aside and blows up Lu Bu's body from the inside.

Seth Saga 1Edit

Piccolo and Gohan arrived at the scene and Seth wanted to start his climactic battle with Goku. Seth directed Diao Chan and Chen Gong's attention towards Piccolo and Gohan, respectively. They both engaged in their battles while Seth prepares to fight Goku. Goku is still drained from his previous fight with Lu Bu, but he still goes along with the fight anyway. All three battles are occurring and Goku and Seth's battle is tough. Both of them are dodging each other's attacks and it looks like a very martial arts-heavy battle. Piccolo and Diao Chan are also having a tough battle. Diao Chan's sneaky moves are getting to Piccolo, but he still stands tall. Gohan can't handle Chen Gong's tricks at all. Chen Gong can manipulate the four elements and Gohan obviously is having trouble. With Gohan in danger, it fuels Piccolo's motivation and he is able to break through Diao Chan's tricks and kill her with a mouth blast/ki wave combination. Now Chen Gong knows he is in trouble when facing two opponents at once. That's when Seth stops his fight with Goku and asks Chen Gong a question. He says that if Chen Gong serves under him from now on, he will survive and will give him some of his strength and asks if he agrees with it. Chen Gong, without doubt, agrees and joins him. Then, Seth transfers some of his energy to Chen Gong and the latter's power skyrockets to a battle power of a Super Saiyan 2. But, Seth does not allow for Chen Gong to resume his match. He tells him to sit on the sidelines and watch him fight Goku. Chen Gong complies and Piccolo and Gohan sit back and wait for an opportunity to strike Seth and help Goku. Seth and Goku resume their climactic battle and they're pulling all sorts of techniques. They go toe to toe with each other, but Goku then gets even more exhausted after the long 30 minute battle. Then, Seth did the horrible thing. With his own might, he used an extinction attack which killed everyone on Planet Earth except for Goku and Chen Gong. This evil action ignites a bigger flame in Goku's heart to keep going to kill Seth and rid him of the universe. But, he is still too tough even with Goku's enhanced energy. Seth then teased Goku with his mystical abilities. He revived Piccolo, which then revived Kami and said this is his last chance to restore everything to normal. Seth says he gave Goku an opportunity to use the dragon balls again. But, as the evil person he is, he teleports to Kami and kills him again, stating it was a lost cause and teleports back to Goku with Piccolo dead again. Goku cannot take the pain and enhances his Super Saiyan God powers even further. They resume a final squabble. Goku's attacks are still useless against Seth who now has the upper hand and kicks Goku aside. Seth has finally said the battle is over. He spares Goku's life and allows him to live on Planet Earth alone. With the battle over, Seth tells Chen Gong to follow him and the former touches Chen Gong's shoulder and they teleport and disappear somewhere else.

Seth Saga 2Edit

It turns out that Seth and Chen Gong teleport to Planet Namek and they sought to find the dragon balls to wish for immortality. Back on Earth, Goku is more angry than ever. He thinks there is nothing he can do to stop Seth and he punches the ground. But, someone mysterious magically teleports to Earth to help Goku. It is Kibito from the Sacred World of Kais and he demands for Goku to join him. Goku follows suit and Kibito teleports himself and Goku to the Kai planet. While there, Goku meets up with the Supreme Kai who has been watching over Planet Earth and Seth's destruction. The Kai tells him he has the final plan to defeat Seth. After watching Goku's amazing potential, he tells him he will be the one to release the Z-Sword and train with it to become the ultimate being. On Namek, Seth and Chen Gong arrive at a village and they demand the dragon balls. The namekians do not give in so Seth instructs Chen Gong to do some dirty work. Chen Gong then kills a few of the namekians which angers the warrior namekians to fight back. Seth and Chen Gong dispatch of them easily. But, the village elder had a plan. He telepathically communicates with the other village elders as well as the dragon elder to bring all the dragon balls together and wish for Seth and Chen Gong to be teleported to a different floating dimension. The other elders agreed with the plan and the village elder speaks with Seth and says he will give him all the dragon balls and asks him to follow him to a different location to bring them. Seth agrees. Back on the Kai planet, Goku, Kibito, and the Supreme Kai arrive at the Z-Sword's location. They don't waste too much time and just tell Goku to try and release the sword. Goku tries his best to take it out in his normal form, but to no avail. Instead, he powers up to Super Saiyan and tries again. This time he is successful. Kibito and Supreme Kai are in awe. Supreme Kai then hurriedly asks Goku to train with and master the Z-Sword. At first, Goku was having trouble wielding the Z-Sword, but after some time, he was a true master of it. Goku knew he was ready to face Seth and asks for Kibito to teleport him to his location. Kibito complied. On Namek all the dragon balls are in one place along with the village elders, the dragon elder, Seth, and Chen Gong. The dragon elder summoned Porunga. Porunga asks for three wishes to be made. Seth thinks his wish will be made, but he cannot understand the Namekian tongue, which the dragon elder uses to make the false wish. He wishes for Seth and Chen Gong to be teleported to a floating dimension and Porunga grants it. Seth and Chen Gong at their happiest soon turn the opposite when they realized something went wrong. But, it was all over. Both of them were teleported off of Planet Namek to a different dimension gone forever. Victory for the good was achieved. Goku and Kibito had just arrived to Planet Namek only to find out by the namekians that Seth was gone along with Chen Gong. Goku and the others were heavily relieved, though Goku did want to find out if he could face Seth this time. Afterwards with one of the two wishes left, the wish was made to restore everything back to normal to before Lu Bu and Seth had arrived on Earth, but without bringing them back. The world was saved....or was it?

New Android SagaEdit

Three years have passed since Seth was gone from the universe. Everything looked okay until a news broadcast said two robots were killing the humans. Goku and Z-Fighters hear about the news and rush to that location. Gohan stays home out of Chi-Chis' concern for her son's safety. Goku and the others arrive at the city and they find Android 19 and Dr. Gero. Yamcha, Krillin, Tien, and Chaiotzu are the first to attack them head on. They throw a few punches, but both androids just dodge effortlessly then they defeat all four of them easily. Yamcha and Krillin are knocked out-cold while Tien and Chiaotzu receive heavy bruises after 19 threw Chiaotzu at Tien, damaging both of them. Goku decides to step in to win his friends' lost battle. Piccolo sits the fight out for a second to see what the androids are really made of. Goku goes up against 19. In this universe, Dr. Gero and 19 are much stronger than they were in the original universe, being as strong as Perfect Cell was. On Planet Namek it isn't peaceful for too long. Suddenly, there appears to be a rip in the planet and a portal appears. None other than Seth and Chen Gong appear from it. The portal was not too far away from a namekian village and the namekians sense the evil that they had felt three years ago. They were terrified. Seth, now glad to be free, is determined to have a final rematch with Goku in hopes of a better challenge. Chen Gong is excited as well. But, Seth soon realizes he cannot advance anywhere since his power was drained after breaking free from the dimension. He needs to undergo a meditative state in order to regain his strength and his form as well because he split into two different forms (pure/human form). Seth tells Chen Gong that he must go through six phases. With each phase, Seth's split bodies will become closer and closer to each other until they are fully rejoined and he will be born again. Once they are over, he can go about completing his objectives. He also demands for Chen Gong to meditate with him to regain lost strength as well. Chen Gong agrees and they both proceed.

[Phase 1] Back to Earth, Goku starts his battle with 19 by going Super Saiyan. They engage in battle. They spar for a little then 19 takes it seriously and powers up. At this point, Goku is having trouble with 19, but resolves that by going Super Saiyan 2. Now 19 is getting a run for his money. The battle is switching sides. Goku is getting closer to winning. But, 19 reveals his trick. When Goku starts throwing ki blasts at him, 19 starts to absorb them. Then, Piccolo gets concerned and warns Goku of 19's absorption technique. Goku acknowledges this fact and attacks 19 physical. But unfortunately, 19 is able to get a hold of Goku's neck and starts absorbing his energy that way. Goku finds himself in trouble, but not only that. Goku starts getting symptoms for the heart virus. As an act of self-defense, Goku knees 19 in the stomach which stuns him, which allows Goku to deliver the finishing blow and blast 19 with a ki wave, ripping through his chest and killing him entirely.

[Phase 2] On Namek, some Namekians arrive at Seth's and Chen Gong's location only to see them remaining still in a meditative position. They try breaking this meditation by attacking them. Some namekians fly straight at Seth and deliver physical punches at him and Chen Gong. Others used powerful ki waves to get rid of them, but to no avail. They still remained in their positions unharmed. The dragon elder informs Kami telepathically about Seth's return to the universe. Kami is shocked to know Seth has returned and tries to think of a plan to get rid of him. On the battlegrounds, Dr. Gero is anxious in fighting Goku and Piccolo and decides to flee to his laboratory to release 17 and 18. Piccolo and Goku flee to stop him, but the latter starts to feel heavy pains in his chest. Goku was starting to really suffer from the heart virus. Seconds later, Gohan arrives to help out, but the battle was already over. Piccolo constructed a quick plan for Gohan, Tien, and Chiaotzu to take Goku, Yamcha, and Krillin, respectively, to recover while he chases after Gero. They carry out their plans. While flying, Gohan asks for Tien and Chiaotzu to get the heart virus antidote for him since in this universe the antidote does exist. They all agree with the idea and depart separate ways. Some time later, they arrive at their locations (Kame House and Goku's House). Tien then asks for Chiaotzu to get the antidote while he gets senzu beans from Korin Tower. The chase is still on between Piccolo and Gero and after thinking, Gero stops fleeing and confronts Piccolo. Piccolo attempts to defeat him using normal attacks, but it is useless. Gero then retaliates with a ki blast which knocks Piccolo unconscious. Gero then proceeds to his laboratory.

[Phase 3] After learning more detail about the situation, Kami informs Tien, Chiaotzu, and Gohan about Seth's return. They are all completely shocked and even more afraid that Dr. Gero is still alive as well. Kami then tells them that the namekians decided on searching for their dragon balls to make a new and more longer-lasting wish. Their idea was to instead of wishing their bodies to the different dimension, but their souls that way they can't use any of their powers to escape. They all accept the idea, but Kami's backup plan is to collect the earth dragon balls later in case something goes wrong on Namek. The three Earth warriors resume their business. As time passed, Tien arrives at Korin Tower and retrieves the senzu beans. Chiaotzu is still searching in the hospital due to doctors not allowing him to get any medicines without a any medical evidence. Gohan sees his father suffer at home and realizes Tien and Chiaotzu are taking too long and departs for their location. Gohan ends up meeting up with Tien first and asks for one senzu bean in hopes of it curing Goku's virus. Tien gives him one and they depart. Gohan returns back home with the senzu bean and gives it to Goku, but it has no positive effects on his health. Gohan realizes the danger and leaves again to find Chiaotzu, but Chiaotzu arrives just in time to the house to give the antidote to Goku. Seconds pass and Goku's pain starts to simmer down. Gohan speculates that Goku wouldn't be healed up for another 4 days so they must hope the dragon balls would get rid of the evil that is threatening the Earth and the universe. On his way back to Kame House, Tien spots an injured Piccolo lying on the ground. He picks him up on his way back to Master Roshi's. Later, Dr. Gero finally arrives at his laboratory. He activates 17 and 18, but keeps the shut-down device in his pocket just in case they turn on him. The androids act as stubborn as they were the last time and they do not obey his orders. Gero then decides to shut them down again the remote until dangers comes. Gero was in a deep situation. He knows Goku is still alive and will try to seek him out along with his friends. He's not strong enough to take him down and the androids do not obey his orders. But, there was still one person who could help him out...Cell. Cell was still being processed and formed via the Gero's supercomputer, but if Gero used the dragon balls he could wish for Cell's creation process to be fully completed in a matter of seconds. That was his plan, but he wanted to wait for the Z-Fighters to collect them all and then try to intervene since he knows they will try to wish the dead earthlings back. So Gero waited until the time was right.

[Phase 4] At Kame House, all the Z-Fighters receive a senzu bean and are fully healed and Chiaotzu arrives. Tien informs Piccolo, Yamcha, and Krillin what was going on and about Seth. Piccolo and the others could not believe the news. On the bright side, Chiaotzu reveals more information about stopping Seth by using the namek dragon balls and if that fails, they'll use the Earth dragon balls. Piccolo is slightly relieved, but that still leaves Gero presumably roaming around and Goku is still sick. They have no way of stopping Gero or finding him. Bulma arrives minutes later telling the Z-Fighters some facts about Dr. Gero and where to find him. Krillin feels satisfied, but Piccolo tells him none of them can stop him except for Goku. So they wait until Goku is rejuvenated and then will resume their mission in stopping Gero. On Namek, Seth and Chen Gong are still meditating to regain their strength. But during his calm state, Chen Gong senses several namekians flying around. He wonders what is going on. It turns out the namekians had finally acquired all seven of the dragon balls. Minutes pass and the sky becomes dark. Porunga is formed. Chen Gong realizes they are trying to make a wish to get rid of himself and Seth. He decides to fly over to Porunga and stop it. Seconds before the dragon elder could utter the full wish in the Namekian language, Chen Gong arrives. They become terrified, but some of the Namekian warriors attempt to hold Chen Gong off while the elder makes the wish. They distract him by throwing several ki blasts at him, but he is unscathed. The dragon elder finally utters the whole wish. Porunga acknowledges that the wish can be granted and Chen Gong hears this and stops his squabble with the Namekian warriors to stop Porunga from making that wish. Before Porunga's eyes started glowing to indicate that the wish had been granted, Chen Gong shoots a ki blast that pierces through Porunga, killing him. The namekians had lost their chance in getting rid of the villains, but the warriors try to avenge Porunga. But, Chen Gong easily kills them in horrific ways which leaves the other namekians in awe. Then, Chen Gong quits his match and departs back to Seth to resume his meditation. The namekians were truly angered. But, they did not lose hope. They had one last plan to defeat the villains. The dragon elder spoke with all the namekian warriors to come to his location so they could all fuse together and hopefully be strong enough to beat the evil. On Earth, the Z-Fighters are still waiting for Goku to be fully healed up so they could advance. Piccolo gets angry that even with the plans they used before it wasn't enough to get rid of Seth and he starts powering up. The others become shocked. Most of the stuff in Kame House were blown all over the place. And Piccolo's dormant Super Saiyan 2 energy was released again. He reacquires the strength he failed to have when pursuing Gero. He then thinks that this is the perfect opportunity to confront Gero and he and the other fighters depart for Gero's laboratory.

[Phase 5] Back at the lab, Gero senses the Z-fighters, via his scanners, all in one place and assumes they all have the dragon balls and steps out the lab to see if the sky got dark. He notices that it didn't get dark and on the scanners it show that they are heading straight for him. Gero doesn't believe it at first, but they begin getting closer and closer in one direction. He decides to head back inside the lab and has no choice but to activate 17 and 18 again to defeat the Z-Fighters. Piccolo, Krillin, Yamcha, Tien, and Chiaotzu arrive at the entrance of the lab that was sealed shut. They try ramming it, but it still does not break. Piccolo finally uses a charged ki blast and everyone steps out of the way for Piccolo to blow up the door. He is successful in doing it and everyone sees Dr. Gero along with 17 and 18. 17 and 18 disobey Gero and they kill him as they do in DBZ. 16 is not present in this universe possibly because Seth decided against it. 17 and 18 want to have a little fun and decide to search for Goku. Piccolo halts their path and wishes to defeat them. 17 and 18 accept his challenge and Piccolo wants to depart to a different battleground. The androids agree. Before he departs on his own, Piccolo tells Yamcha, Krillin, Tien, and Chiaoztu to help Mr. Popo find the rest of the dragon balls. They all comply and head out while Piccolo leaves with the androids. On Namek, Chen Gong's meditation is disturbed again by the namekians and he sense them all in one location. He is confused at what is going on this time. All the namekians warriors are there just as planned and begin powering up to begin the massive fusion. Minutes go by and all 700 of the Namekian warriors fuse together to form one powerful namekian warrior known as Gast. He will hopefully be the one to end the evil and he flies to Seth and Chen Gong's location. He finally arrives and confronts them both. Chen Gong is heavily surprised by the energy he is sensing and discovers that Gast's battle power is greater than his own. Chen Gong doesn't buy it until they begin their match. But, in both of their minds they are concerned for Seth and the other nearby namekians, respectively, and leave for an empty zone. On Earth, Piccolo and the androids arrive at their battlefield. 17 wishes to fight Piccolo first and 18 allows it. Piccolo and 17 then begin their match. Gast and Chen Gong also arrive at their own battleground and begin their brawl as well. The two distant battles were happening simultaneously while the Z-Fighters were searching for the other five dragon balls that needed to be found. Piccolo and 17 turned out to be equals (17 and 18's energy were also greater than it was in DBZ). The same cannot be said about Gast and Chen Gong. Gast might have been stronger, but Chen Gong had greater tricks. Chen Gong can bend elements so he was able to use his environment to his advantage. Some time passes and the Z-Fighters acquire two more dragon balls, leaving only three more to be found. 18 begins to become bored watching 17 and Piccolo fight so she demands to fight him now. 17 then steps out and 18 steps in. Chen Gong still manages to keep up with Gast who begins to have more trouble. Time and time goes by and only one dragon ball was remaining. At the same time, Seth was almost finished with his meditation and Phase 6 was underway. The two battles were going on and there was no end in sight. The final dragon ball was finally obtained and the Z-Fighters flew to the Lookout to bring them all together.

[Phase 6] They arrive at the Lookout and put all the dragon balls together to summon Shenron. The sky begins to darken and the androids and Piccolo begin to notice it. On Namek, Gast and Chen Gong are still continuing their long fight until the worst happens. Seth's meditation was over, his two forms were synced back together, and he was fully formed. Chen Gong starts grinning and laughs evilly. He knew the universe was doomed and he flies over to welcome Seth back. But, Seth arrives to Chen Gong who is happy to see him. But, Seth realizes something was going down on Earth and uses Instant Transmission to arrive on the Lookout to stop the wish. He arrives and all the Z-Fighters, Mr. Popo, and Kami are entirely shocked. It was too late. Seth ended the Z-Fighters' chances at winning by shooting a death beam at Kami which killed him. The androids wanted to make a wish and left for the Lookout. Piccolo tries to stop them, but they both charge a direct blast at him. Prior to the blast even touching him, he already became weak, but afterwards he was even more weakened. Piccolo was eventually killed as a result of Kami's death by Seth. Gohan senses Piccolo's disappearing ki and leaves his house. Chi-Chi tries to stop him, but he was already gone. With the threat out of the way, Seth teleports back to Namek to watch Chen Gong's fight with Gast.

Heero SagaEdit

Gohan arrives on the Lookout only to find out by everyone else that Kami and Piccolo are dead and no one can be wished back to life. Gohan is saddened and they all realize all hope is lost. Goku is still sick so he cannot save them. However, one person arrived. A mysterious looking young man had arrived and he had the Red Ribbon Army symbol on his shirt. They all realize he was an android. But, the boy spoke to them and tells them information about himself and how to stop Seth. He said his name is Heero and he awoken to stop Seth and save Goku. The Z-Fighters did not understand. But, Heero's conversation was stopped by the arrival of Androids 17 and 18 on the Lookout. Heero forgot about those androids and had to get rid of them. The Z-Fighters assumed that he had brought them there, but Heero insists that he didn't. 17 and 18 demanded for the location of the dragon balls, but Heero replied saying it was none of their business. 17 and 18 also notice Heero's insignia, but do not recognize him as and android. They can't even scan any information on him. Heero tells them that they are not welcome here and that if they wanted to fight, they would have to go somewhere else. The androids were in no happy mood and decide on staying on the Lookout to fight Heero and rush at him. Heero has no choice but to battle them there, but he tries to create a plan. The battle on Namek was still occurring. Seth acted as a referee/encouragement for Chen Gong and hoped that he would defeat Gast. Gast increased his awareness of Chen Gong's attacks and learns from his mistakes. Chen Gong keeps trying the same tricks, but Gast finally catches him off guard. He delivers several blows at Chen Gong which surprises even Seth. Chen Gong can barely fight back this time. And with a finishing blow, Gast uses a mouth blast which incinerates Chen Gong and knocks him into the water. With Chen Gong out of the way, Gast wants to end the conflict by killing Seth. Seth accepts his challenge and Gast flies towards Seth. Back to Earth, the androids face off against Heero. He dodges a few kicks and punches and flees off the Lookout. The androids chase after him until 17 realizes Heero is tricking them and they had back to the Lookout. Heero's plan had failed and now he must protect the lives of the Z-Fighters. They resume their battle on the Lookout and Heero doesn't have too much trouble with the mechanical duo. Then, something is revealed. 17 threw a ki blast at Heero and Heero stands still and absorbs the blast through his hands. 17 didn't notice what happened, but Heero got slightly stronger. 17 and 18 continue fighting together, but Heero gets lucky punches on both of them, which makes them even more angry. Then they start throwing several more ki blasts at him and Heero just absorbs them again. The trick is revealed by everyone else that he was absorbing energy to get stronger so he can defeat the androids. Back to Namek, the match between Gast and Seth had started with Gast throwing physical punches at Seth, who easily dodges them. Gast is shocked at his speed and tries again, this time throwing ki blasts at him, waiting for him to dodge them, then go in for the punch. Seth successfully dodges each blast and even catches Gast's fist. Gast is still in the same shocked state, but gets angry and starts throwing a barrage of physical and ki-based techniques. Every single one of them fail to affect Seth in the slightest. Heero gets more and more stronger on Earth and the androids get more and more angry. They realize they are failing and notice Heero's increasing strength. They too realize Heero's absorption technique and avoid using ki blasts. But, Heero gets to them again, brushing them aside and destroying their ego. Both of them had enough of Heero and gave up on their plan. They decided on one final plan, destroying the Earth. 17 and 18 charged up a massive energy sphere that they assumed Heero could not absorb. The Z-Fighters are frightened and fly out of the way. But, Heero remains in the same place. 17 and 18 give it their all and launch it along with a following connected ki blast at Heero. Heero prepares himself and raises his hands in the air. The sphere then connects with Heero's hands and he starts absorbing all of the energy. 17 and 18 think his body will overload with energy and blow up and start putting more energy out. Heero gets a massive increase in power and his muscles start to bulge largely. Then, they realize it is not working and stop producing more energy. Back to Namek, Gast is in the same position as the androids. He stands no chance against Seth and Seth finally throws his first punch in the fight which rocks Gast's entire world. Then, Seth continues to pummel Gast with a variety of attacks and Gast is just helpless to fight back. Gast knows this is the end of his life and Seth raises his hand and with a wave gesture he directs his hand directly at Gast's chest, but something catches Seth's attention. Back on Earth, Heero powers up to maximum thanks to the androids and swiftly flies to their position, knocks them both in the air, and charges a powerful ki wave and disintegrates both of their bodies entirely. Seth senses Heero's energy all the way from Namek and teleports to Earth, assuming he is Goku back to full health. Seth arrives at the Lookout to not see Goku, but Heero. Seth is surprised to see an opponent similar to Goku and is excited to fight him. Heero is prepared to fight him, but Seth backs down so he can head back to Namek and save Chen Gong who was barely alive after Gast's powerful attack. Heero sees this as an opportunity to save Goku and asks for Gohan to follow him back to Goku's house. Gohan was wondering how Heero knew about Goku's location and Heero replies by saying Dr. Gero supplied all this information about the Z-Fighters to all the androids. Gohan did not trust him, but Heero convinces him by saying this is his last hope in saving the universe from Seth and that Goku would be killed in the process. Gohan buys into his persuasion and follows him back to Goku's house. Heero and Gohan finally arrive at Goku's house and Chi-Chi gets angry by Gohan flying off. Heero ends their conversation by touching Goku's chest. Chi-Chi tries to get him out of the way, but she has no effect on him and Heero advises her to get out of the way. Heero tells Gohan that he will perform a shock technique on Goku that can cure his virus quickly. Chi-Chi is worried about Goku, but Gohan holds her back to see if what Heero does is true. Heero performs the instant shock on Goku which successfully zaps the virus out of him and he is cured. Goku awakens to see himself in good health along with seeing his son and wife again. He thanks the doctor for curing him, but Heero corrects Goku by saying he isn't a doctor. Goku notices the Red Ribbon Army insignia on Heero's shirt and jumps out of his bed and resumes a fighting stance towards Heero. Heero informs Goku that he has not come to fight Goku, but to tell him of Seth's return. Goku could not believe what he was hearing and puts down his fists. Heero tells him that he can turn everything back to normal only after he kills Seth and asks for Goku to follow him back to the Lookout. Gohan, Heero, and Goku depart back to the Lookout. Gohan tells Goku of what Heero did and Goku is surprised with the android. He asks Heero why he decided to help his friends and Heero said because he was on the side of good. Dr. Gero intended for Heero to be another creation that would be used to kill Goku, but it failed. In Heero's blueprints, it shows that Heero was composed of cells of different characters such as Goku and the other androids. He is not human, but rather in humanoid form as a robot. And his energy is mainly composed of electricity and borrowed powers, making him a very useful being. The electrical components in Heero were intended to be used for evil, but ironically it saved Goku's life. The three finally arrive back at the Lookout and the others are glad to see Goku in good shape again, but they can't say the same thing about the Lookout. Heero tells Goku that he will kill Seth by himself and that he shouldn't get involved unless it's completely necessary. Goku decides to agree with it. Seth, on Planet Namek, searches for Chen Gong's body and senses his faint energy in the water. He picks him out and heals his wounds. Chen Gong is fully healed up and they both teleport back to Earth. Seth and Chen Gong appear before the Z-Fighters and the former asks to battle Heero. The battle that Heero was waiting for was underway and he asks Seth for one condition. He wants to fight Seth in a safer place where there are no people around. Seth agrees. Heero brings Goku along with him and Seth with Chen Gong and the four depart for the battlegrounds where the final battle will start. They all arrive at the location and Heero isn't too eager to start with a warm-up. Heero came with the intention of killing Seth and was going to do just that. Heero asks for Seth to deliver the attacks first and Seth gladly went ahead. Heero has some trouble dodging Seth's attacks which are extremely swift. Some kicks are delivered upon Heero and he coughs up blood. Heero was on his toes. In his current state, he is way weaker than Seth is and Chen Gong and Goku are aware of this. Both are confused as to why he would fight Seth. Then, Seth starts to use his real attacks. Seth blasts Heero with a charged attack and Heero proceeds to absorb it. Seth doesn't notice anything different with Heero just yet. Heero suppresses the power he obtains and waits until he rivals Seth before he exposes it all. The match continues. Heero is still having trouble, but Seth starts throwing a barrage of ki attacks which attracts Heero and he absorbs them all. Heero's ki increases a good amount and now he is able to dodge Seth's attacks more easily. Seth, Goku, and Chen Gong are surprised at this. They are all still confused at what is happening. On the Lookout, the Z-Fighters are sensing the battle between Seth and Heero and they can feel out Heero's dormant energy. Krillin knows Heero is going to save the universe, but the others don't agree with the idea too quickly. There is still a chance that Seth might overcome it. Back to the battlefield and the same repetitive events are occurring. Seth is on the offensive the whole time while Heero remains defensive. Seth starts to get annoyed with Heero's lack of fighting back and he charges a powerful ki wave at him. Heero braces himself and absorbs the whole blast. Then suddenly, Heero went through a big increase in power and reveals his full power. Chen Gong finally realizes it and tells Seth that Heero is absorbing his energy to become stronger than him. Heero hears Chen Gong's words and gets rid of him completely. He flies over towards him and fires a point blank attack that ends his life. Seth is now left with himself and now has to face Heero alone without any words of encouragement from his advisor. At this point, Heero's power has trumped over Seth's and the tables have turned for the good. Now Heero is the one pulling out the good kicks and he is the one that blows him out the water. Seth can barely hold his own this time. Of all the opponents he's faced, Heero would be the one to end his life. But, Seth would not allow that. Seth begins flaring his aura and uses a new technique. He uses the multi-form technique to make four copies of himself which all latch on to Heero quickly. Heero is unable to break free from them and all four of them enclose his whole body on all four sides leaving only his eyes visible and slowly turn themselves into stone. Heero is now stuck in an indestructible stone form of Seths. This will be an ultimate difference in the outcome of the battle. With no one else in the way, the original Seth finally set his eyes on Goku. He wants to have the final battle that will determine the fate of the universe.

Final Seth SagaEdit

The surprising turn of events really got to Goku. He didn't expect Heero, with his amazing strength, to be out of the battle so quickly. But, Seth left it as a product of the past and was looking forward to the future of the universe. He tells Goku this is the final battle and that he will not spare Goku's life like last time. He hopes that Goku improved from the last time they fought and Goku is positive he has. Goku then powers up to Super Saiyan God and Seth powers up to maximum. Back at the Lookout, the others sense Goku's marvelous energy and hope for the best for Goku. Gohan, especially, hopes that Goku will defeat Seth and save the universe. The match has finally begun. The two great martial arts masters were giving it their all and both of them were having fun with the battle too. Seth and Goku exchanged various physical attacks where both of them could barely dodge. Even some ki blasts that they used were countered by the other. Not even their afterimage techniques could deceive the other. Obviously, Goku didn't have the same advantages as he had before. Training with the Z-Sword as well as constant training over the last three years made Goku improve so much. Seth on the other hand was the same his entire life. He didn't need training. Every opponent he came up against couldn't even hold a candle to him. He was just, by nature, as strong as he was. The fight continues and they still struggle with each other. This is the most equal battle that has ever occurred. Goku, even with his most basic techniques, can go up against the big brawler Seth. Some techniques Seth uses such as the Bunkai Teleport, where he uses small portals to deliver attacks directly to his opponent, are nothing to Goku who is fast enough to counter them. Even when Seth uses his liquid/gas form to attack Goku, Goku just fights him as if he was in his normal form. Absolutely no technique, no matter how overpowered or how many times he uses it, can get the best of Goku. It truly shows that a normal fighter can hold his own against an even more advanced and unimaginable being. Five hours of fighting later and Goku and Seth are still in the same position, though with less stamina. They were truly rivals. Amazingly with all the huge power they have, the more stamina and endurance they have as well which allowed them to go for so long. The Z-Fighters on the Lookout are still surprised that the battle is not over yet and that it is still the same way as it has been since the beginning. Krillin just wonders how can either one of them win. Gohan still keeps his same judgement that his father will be the victor. At the battlefield, Goku and Seth become more exhausted. Seth cannot accept the fact that the battle is a draw. There must be a victor and he wants to make sure he is the one. Seth then does what everyone does when the battle does not come to an end...blow up the Earth. He flies up into the sky, places his right hand on his shoulder, and charges a blast with his left hand. Goku realizes what Seth is doing and so he must retaliate with his own blast. Goku charges up the Super Kamehameha and Seth continues charging his blast up. As the final decision, Seth releases his energy blast on Goku and Goku does the same to Seth and their enormous beams clash. It looks as if both of them are struggling and neither could kill the other. The battle was STILL a draw. The equal battle is driving Seth crazy and he decides to do the best thing that could get him killed. He turned one of his stone copies of himself that were holding Heero back to normal. He then called the copy over to help him and the copy charges up its own blast to help Seth with and releases it on Goku. Goku is now in serious trouble. Double the firepower is something Goku cannot go up against. However, Heero's body is partially free from the stone trap and he has a free hand. Heero then charges up a blast with his free hand and explodes it which is enough to break through the stone trap and turn the stone copies of Seth back to normal. Seth knows he made a stupid decision. The copy that was helping out Seth decides to go and fight Heero along with the other three copies. This leaves Goku and Seth in the same equal position in the beam clash. The four copies then attack Heero head on, but Heero has no trouble taking them down. They keep coming up, but Heero keeps taking them down. Then, Heero decides to go for the real Seth. He flies over to stop him, but the copies surround Heero. He wasn't willing to get trapped again and does a very powerful solar wave which ultimately destroys the four copies and the real Seth is severely disrupted by Heero's technique. Heero tells Goku that this is his chance to get rid of Seth for good. Goku agrees and puts out all of his energy into the Super Kamehameha, pushes Seth's entire blast back and engulfs Seth's entire body. Seth screams in agony then his entire body starts ripping into little pieces, then afterwards he was completely erased from existence. Goku was the victor of the longest battle. After the battle, Goku involuntarily turned back to his base form and his body was completely drained. Heero helps Goku up and the Z-Fighters arrive seconds later. Gohan runs up to Goku and hugs him for saving the world. Everything and everyone was saved. Though Gohan is still sad that Piccolo cannot be revived again. But, Heero reveals good news by saying he can revive the dragon balls with his electrical powers like with Goku. So they searched for the dragon balls again and collected them all. Heero then uses his electrical energy then places them in each dragon ball, reviving them temporarily. Shenron then emerges from the dragon balls and asks for a wish. Goku made the wish to restore everything back to normal except with the all the evil guys to remain dead. Shenron makes the wish and everything is normal again just as planned. Piccolo, Kami, and all the other humans killed are revived as well as the namekians on Planet Namek. Goku thanks Heero for everything he has done and Heero accepts the thanks and flies off. These two people are responsible for the preservation of the universe and will never be forgotten as heroes. With Seth and all the evil gone, the universe can now live in peace in prosperity...almost. Some time later, Heero arrives at Gero's laboratory. He observes some blueprints then leaves them aside. He then blows up the entire lab and destroys everything in it. However, Gero still has an underground lab that was unaffected. Heero flies inside, notices more blueprints, and finally notices Cell, still in his larval state. Heero ends his entire existence by blasting straight through the chamber he was encased in and destroys the entire underground lab. Now with all evil gone, all peace can be restored. And if any other evil would come to planet Earth, Goku, Heero, and the rest of the Z-Fighters would be there to get rid of it.

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