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"I doubt I need an introduction, but just in case, I am the mighty Frieza, and yes, all the horrible stories you've heard are true." — Frieza, in "Namek's Defense"

Frieza (フリーザ 'Furīza') is a universal warlord and one of the main villains in the Dragon Ball Z. He is the ruler of the powerful emperor of Universe 7, who controlled his own imperial army and feared for his ruthlessness and power. He is the descendant of Chilled, the second son of King Cold, the younger brother of Cooler, and the father of Kuriza. Frieza is the catalyst antagonist of the entire franchise, as it is his actions that led to Goku arriving on Earth. He has made several comebacks since his fight with Goku on Namek, including multiple invasions of Earth.

Frieza in his first form

Planet Trade Organization.

Frieza creates many armies from the planets that he conquers, though his most utilized race were the Saiyans. Frieza had heard about the legend of the Super Saiyan, a being with unrivaled power and the only single warrior that could pose a threat to him, but dismissed it as simple mythology; however, after several Saiyans emerged with rapidly evolving potential, Frieza began to fear that the legend of the Super Saiyan would indeed come true.

Thus, when confronted by Bardock, a Saiyan whose powers were growing, Frieza wiped out the Saiyan race by annihilating Planet Vegeta, the home world of the Saiyan race. After analyzing the Saiyans' battle against the Earth, his actions eventually lead him into conflict with the heroes of the series when he tries to take possession of the wish-granting Dragon Balls on the namekian planet. Though still no one could possibly contend with his power, Frieza's fears were realized when he caused the emergence of the mythical Super Saiyan and was defeated by him in a terrific, planet-shattering engagement. Goku, who had escaped Frieza's attempt to destroy the Saiyans, had become the Super Saiyan, ironically, through Frieza's own evil actions.

Frieza is the main antagonist of the Namek Saga, Frieza Saga and Trunks Saga.

Appearance Edit

According to Akira Toriyama, Frieza's design is an amalgamation of what he thought monsters looked like in his childhood.[citation needed] According to the Daizenshuu, Frieza was also inspired by Toriyama's second editor, Yū Kondō. According to Daizenshuu 2, Toriyama was also inspired to create Frieza due to the events of the Japanese economic bubble that had occurred at the time he was writing the Saiyan Saga, with Frieza specifically being based on real estate speculators, which Toriyama claimed were "the worst sort of people."[8]
  • Frieza with his evil wickedness smile in the Manga
  • Frieza is informed by Zarbon and Dodoria about the Saiyans' growing power
  • Frieza's power over the Saiyans
  • Frieza relishing the destruction of Planet Vegeta
  • Frieza with his top two henchmen, Dodoria and Zarbon
  • Frieza fighting Nail
  • Frieza at equal power with Vegeta
  • Frieza impales Krillin with his horn.
  • Frieza grabs Gohan's hair.
  • Piccolo, standing near Frieza, who is about to transform
  • Frieza begins his final transformation
  • Frieza in his Final Form

Frieza regenerated storyboard Art of first form Frieza in the Resurrection ‘F’ original storyboards without any Battle Armor

Frieza is one of the villains in the series who possesses an entire range of transformations, each one being quite different than the others. It is implied by Vegeta and Frieza himself in the series that Frieza's fourth, most powerful form is actually his original form, with the other three being forms that suppress and conserve his enormous power. Frieza later confirms this while fighting the main protagonist, Goku. His forms seem to revolve around both western and Japanese concepts of demons.

Frieza Universe Survival Frieza artwork for the Universe Survival Saga

According to an interview done by Shonen Jump with Toriyama, Frieza's final form was purposefully made to look small and less menacing: Toriyama wanted to go against the expectation that villains and monsters become bigger and meaner looking the stronger they are.[citation needed] In his first form, Frieza usually wears battle armor with a purple chest plate.

Personality Edit

"Oh, to see the Dragon Balls turn to stone at the very moment your wish might have come true. Quite a pill to swallow, eh, Vegeta? Of course, even more so for myself. As a matter of fact, in all my years, I have never been so angry as I am now. How incredibly irritating not to have seen the writing on the wall... now you pay! You vile, filth-sucking maggots! You will rue the day you crossed my path! Prepare yourself to face oblivion!" — Frieza to Vegeta, Gohan, Krillin, and Dende in "Frieza Closes In! Mighty Porunga, Grant Our Wish!"

At his core, Frieza relishes death, agony, and destruction, as he shows in his enjoyment of Planet Vegeta's annihilation, as well as his maniacal glee when twice attempting to blow up Planet Namek. He is noted as being one of the most sadistic, psychotic, dishonest and megalomaniacal characters without any redeeming or sympathetic traits in the series, and often tries to make his enemies suffer before he kills them. On a related note, Frieza also has some annoyance with the revival ability of the Dragon Balls, as evidenced by his irritation when he learned that everyone he had killed had come back from the grave due to Goku and King Kai's plan, and later declared his intent of destroying both Earth and New Namek after killing Goku specifically to destroy their balls and thus ensure Goku can never come back from the dead. Like most other villains in Dragon Ball Z, Frieza has an ego to match his power. He also has a sardonic wit and explains in "Face Off on Namek" that the three things he refuses to tolerate are cowardice, bad haircuts and military insurrection, and subsequently declares that Vegeta possesses all three of these qualities.

He utilizes dark humor at times, such as saying "Long live the King!" shortly after killing King Vegeta, as well as singing "Pop goes the weasel!" after violently murdering Krillin (both are mentioned in the Funimation dub only, the latter in particular was actually him threatening to kill Goku's son, Gohan, next). Frieza is fully aware of his reputation for brutality, and makes no effort to deny it, as evidenced by his introduction to the Namekians.

In a narrative sense, Frieza serves as a counter to the easy going, peaceful personality of Goku. He tends to react to any given situation quite evenly, and is only really driven over the edge once his full power starts to slip away and Super Saiyan Goku takes the upper hand in the final moments of their battle on Namek. Frieza is quite confident in his abilities, and often takes the opportunity to flaunt them (e.g. not using his limbs in some fights). His arrogance regarding his opponents' inherent inferiority and his own inherent superiority was even referenced in his image song in Dragon Ball Z: Kai, Only a Chilling Elegy, where some of the lyrics had him comparing his opponents to insects and worms, and also was referenced at least once in the show itself where Frieza asked, in obvious reference to Krillin, Gohan, and Vegeta as well as himself, respectively, "Did you really think that three little ants could defeat a dinosaur?" Owing to his arrogance, Frieza does not generally fight his foes and instead relies on his minions to deal with them, and only personally confronts his opponents when he has to, which is best shown during the events on Planet Namek and his first revival.

Despite all of his arrogance, he is not so overconfident as to totally disregard potential threats to his rule, and sometimes displays what may be considered a paranoid attitude. He destroyed Planet Vegeta simply because of his nagging fear of the legend of the Super Saiyan, as well as the fear of a possible mass Saiyan revolt (though Whis claims Beerus was the one who authorized Planet Vegeta's destruction, however it is likely that Frieza's own reasons were the driving force and Beerus' authorization allowed Frieza to effectively kill two birds with one stone, by destroying Planet Vegeta he could avoid both a potential Saiyan uprising and at the same time avoid upsetting Beerus by carrying out his wishes and remain in the Destroyer's good graces for the time being). Similarly, during the Tournament of Power, after witnessing Jiren defeat Goku and ring out Hit, he proceeded to transfer some of his energy to Goku and then sternly state that he has no intention of fighting Jiren, implicitly acknowledging that Jiren was stronger than him.

Frieza is rather narcissistic and reacts violently to criticism. Unlike most other primary antagonists, he actually displays a very calm, civilized and refined demeanor, using very polite, regal, eloquent language rather than the more tough-talking style of most of the other villains. According to Akira Toriyama in the 30th anniversary Dragon Ball Super History Book, this demeanor was deliberately implemented into Frieza's character in order to highlight the chilling contrast regarding his cruel nature, and also admits that, while he does not do villains who were so unscrupulous as to have a psychological effect on the reader, Frieza did come close to matching that description.[9] Despite these traits, he is quite cold-hearted and malevolent, almost to the point of being machine-like in nature. He tends to view most problems and situations in an intellectual manner, like an academic or a professor, rather than as a manner of life or death (largely because his immense power causes him to believe he can easily defeat anyone the old fashioned way if he chooses to). Despite being very clever and intelligent, Frieza's sheer power leads him to believe no force in the universe could challenge his authority since he extinguished Planet Vegeta, he typically underestimates his foes, resulting in his eventual downfall.

Following his crushing defeat on Namek, Frieza became obsessed with taking his revenge on Goku and his friends, as he headed to Earth as soon as he received the cybernetic modifications and becoming Mecha Frieza, believing the might his new cybernetic form was enough to challenge even a Super Saiyan. However, he suffered another humiliating defeat at the hands of Future Trunks' Super Saiyan form which resulted in his death. He may have also lost what little sanity he may have had left, presumably from the strain of nearly being killed by Goku, as shortly after arriving on Earth, Frieza briefly hallucinated Super Saiyan Goku's presence nearby and quaked with fear before entering an intrusive flashback to his narrow survival on Namek, and when deciding to kill Goku's friends one by one as his revenge to Goku, he proceeded to break down into hysterical laughter and briefly babbling incoherently. Despite his belief that his form was superior to that of a Super Saiyan, he nonetheless expressed an immense amount of fear of Future Trunks' Super Saiyan form, even backing away wordlessly when he saw it, though he nonetheless put it aside shortly afterward to fight Future Trunks.

Upon being revived by Sorbet and Tagoma's wish to Shenron, Frieza was determined to resume his quest for revenge and killed Tagoma when he suggested otherwise (though in the anime Frieza instead chose to allow him to live in order to use Tagoma as essentially a living punching bag during his training allowing him to perfect his torture based fighting style which ended turned Tagoma into a powerful and dedicated soldier who even began to emulate his master developing a more ruthless personality as a result of the strength he acquired from being tortured relentlessly, to the point Tagoma would resort to killing Shisami simply to take out Gohan, which shows the corrupting effect Frieza has on others). However, upon learning that Goku and the Z Fighters had become much stronger in the years following his death, he decided to train himself to become stronger, believing that as a prodigy among his family he could reach even greater levels of power, resulting in him obtaining mastery over his 100% full power and unlocking his Ultimate Evolution. However, Frieza's overconfidence over the power of his new form and his desire for revenge, led him to immediately travel to Earth with an army of 1000 soldiers instead of training further to master this new form as well.

Frieza's haste and inexperience with the form proved to be his downfall as his stamina and power decreased the more he used it, which interestingly was the same problem he had when he used his 100% Final Form during the titanic fight on Planet Namek. Interestingly, this trait of Frieza's is in sharp contrast with his nemesis Goku, who is usually focused on mastering or reducing the strain of his transformations such as the Super Saiyan form and other techniques (like the Kaio-ken), allowing him to use those forms and techniques longer by using his energy and stamina more efficiently instead of relying on its power alone to defeat his enemies quickly as Frieza is often inclined.

This habit is the result of Frieza having never encountered anyone strong enough to perceive as a threat to his rule, before he encountered Goku, thus he never really learned how to properly prepare himself to confront beings stronger than himself, unlike Goku who has fought several opponents stronger than himself. Since this has led to his defeat twice, it shows Frieza's arrogance prevents him from learning from his past errors and is ultimately what prevents him from reaching his true potential. This overconfidence also leads to him not engaging in regular training which explains why he could not control his stamina (or ki like his brother Cooler who apparently possesses this ability as he was able to sneak up on Piccolo unlike his brother and father who were detected by the Z Fighters long before their ship landed on Earth).

Following his death at the hands of Future Trunks, Frieza found himself in Earth's Hell, wrapped up in a cocoon hanging from a tree surrounded by flowers, guarded by the Angels of Hell, and forced to watch as stuffed animals, fairies, and angels joyfully and cheerfully danced and paraded while playing music. While most would find his punishment there rather benign and even somewhat pleasant, not to mention highly comical, for an eternal punishment in Hell, to Frieza it was absolute torture and ultimately turned out to be a fitting eternal punishment for the evil tyrant. After being revived, Frieza admitted to Goku that he completely loathed his time in Earth's Hell. As a result, this was one of the driving forces behind his revenge on the surviving Saiyans (as Super Saiyan Trunks was responsible for sending him there in the first place) and he revealed to Sorbet that after taking his revenge, he decided he would destroy Earth, believing that doing so would also eliminate Earth's Hell along with it (however this is unlikely as Hell exists in Other World and continued to exist along with heaven even when Earth was destroyed by Kid Buu).

Frieza also revealed that he found Goku's pure and noble character nauseating, to the point it made him want to vomit. Given Frieza's sadistic love of death and destruction, his aversion to all things pure and good is quite fitting and shows that deep down Frieza embraces his pure evil nature and despises all things that are purely good. On that note, he also had disgust for concepts such as mercy, as demonstrated by his reaction to Gohan trying to be merciful to one of his men. In Shin Budokai, his disgust for anything good was such that such displays of good actually weaken him while empowered by Janemba, which was ultimately how Krillin and Android 18 managed to defeat him (however this was likely a side effect of Janemba's evil essence that was empowering him).

After his revival, Frieza is determined to take his revenge on Goku and though confident in the might of his new evolution, Golden Frieza, Frieza decided not to take any chances and developed a contingency plan with Sorbet to take advantage of Goku's tendency to let his guard down when he had the upper hand. Ultimately, Frieza was forced to resort to it when his new form's weakness began to take effect and gave Sorbet the signal to shoot Goku with his Bad Ring Laser while Goku's guard was down. In the movie adaption of Resurrection F, he was shown to be irritated when Sorbet and his forces was not able to locate Future Trunks (unaware of the fact that Future Trunks is from an alternate timeline). However, in the Resurrection F adaption in Dragon Ball Super, after Gotenks fusion ran out, Frieza looks at the young Present Trunks, believing that he saw his face somewhere before, realizing him to be similar to the one who sliced and diced the tyrant and sent him to Hell. In Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 parallel quest 71: Abominable Saiyans, the Future Warrior has to protect Kid Trunks from Frieza and his army, Frieza will state that he has Trunks' image etched into his memory (once again showcasing his intense desire to kill Future Trunks). His desire for revenge was such that, in Super, he was even perfectly willing to obliterate the Namekian Dragon Balls simply to ensure Goku could not revive Piccolo or any other person he tries to kill, however this is likely due to the fact he knows that one must speak the Namekian language to have their wish granted as he learned when his wish to Porunga for immortality failed during the Frieza Saga, thus he knew that he could not use them as it was unlikely that the Namekians would translate his wish let alone teach him their language. It is unknown if he would have used the Earth's Dragon Balls to obtain immortality if he had the chance or if he had given up on his quest for Eternal Life after it lead to his defeat on Namek and he became focused on revenge. In some video games it is implied that Frieza would use the Earth's Dragon Balls to achieve immortality were he to gain his revenge on Goku, as he does in his what-if scenario in Supersonic Warriors. Due to becoming dedicated to achieving his revenge, Frieza is also shown to have lost a large sense of honor he may have had before his death (which he showed when he remained behind on the dying Planet Namek to kill Goku personally instead of simply letting the planet's explosion take Goku's life), as he was willing to having one of his underlings underhandedly weaken Goku, allowing Frieza to easily dominate his weakened opponent, most likely due to his desire to do anything to beat Goku. On a related note, his revival also left him extremely reckless especially when cornered. This was most evident when he was nearly beaten by Super Saiyan Blue Vegeta, where he in a last ditch effort at killing him proceeded to detonate the Planet Earth at point-blank range, at the likely risk of him getting caught in the resulting explosion, whereas during his fight on Planet Namek with Super Saiyan Goku earlier on, Frieza held back enough power during his attempt at destroying Planet Namek to only have it detonate within five minutes out of fear of being caught in the resulting blast and killed. Despite having the upper hand, instead of finishing Goku off himself, Frieza decided to test Vegeta's loyalty by having him kill Goku.

However, Frieza underestimated the deep-seeded hatred Vegeta held for him due to his role in the destruction of Planet Vegeta and the Genocide of the Saiyans, as in the movie, he offered to make Vegeta Supreme Commander of the Frieza Force in exchange for Vegeta killing the wounded Goku and was surprised when Vegeta rejected his offer. He also mistook Vegeta's early attack on Goku as a sign of loyalty, not realizing Vegeta was just upset over Goku breaking their promise that they would take turns fighting Frieza. However, this was partly due to the fact that Frieza was unaware that Vegeta had obtained the same level of power as Goku and mistakenly believed that Vegeta was no threat to him (however, in the anime, he did recognize that Vegeta was stronger than before when he witnessed Vegeta effortlessly kill Ginyu. Frieza had also decided to kill Goku himself and almost did so until the intervention of Vegeta).

During the Tournament of Power, Frieza, even after meeting Goku for a long time, became a bit calmed down inside his cocoon, even greeting the Saiyan quite nicely, possibly due to the fact that he had finished his long period of mental training, regained his confidence back, and waited patiently until someone (or Goku), frees him from his prison. He is shown to be willing to accept his sworn nemesis, Goku's offer to take part in the Tournament of Power in exchange for Goku, promising to revive him with the Dragon Balls if their team wins. For all his desire for vengeance and to prove himself superior to Goku, it appears Frieza had developed a measure of respect for the Saiyan. When asked by Goku, Frieza willingly donated energy to the Universe 7 Spirit Bomb, even when Vegeta was not, although this could just have been a pragmatic attempt to defeat Jiren. He also acknowledged Goku's might in not being surprised by Goku's ascension to his Ultra Instinct -Sign- state. While utterly selfish and amoral, Frieza also believes in repaying debts as he saved Goku after he was defeated by Jiren, hiding Goku so he could recover and also donating him enough energy to get back on his feet. Albeit, Frieza also admitted that he mainly did this as Goku's Ultra Instinct was the best chance to defeat Jiren. He is also not above playing mind games with his new "allies", as he gave the impression that he intended to kill Goku instead of helping him. Frieza also proved to be a surprisingly capable tag-team partner for Gohan, and through their teamwork they were able to eliminate Frost with minimal effort and remove the highly troublesome Dyspo from the battlefield at the cost of Gohan's sacrifice. However in the former case, Frieza openly admitted he would have eliminated Gohan if he hadn't caught on to the ruse, whereas in the latter, Frieza only opted to team with Gohan once Dyspo decided not to agree to Frieza's offer of teaming with Universe 11 in exchange for revival. Even so, in both battles Frieza and Gohan were able to follow each other's lead and come up with an effective battle strategy. During the final seconds of the Tournament, Goku and Frieza display a shockingly coordinated level of teamwork and trust in one another while battling Jiren.

After being brought back to life by Fortuneteller Baba for a single day, Frieza and Goku greet each other by punching each other in the gut, showing that while they are technically allies, their animosity towards each other remains. Though allied with Goku for the tournament, Frieza maintains his normally evil personality and when they are confronted by assassins from Universe 9 hired by Sidra and Roh, he decides to do a warm-up by fighting the assassins even though they are late to leave for the tournament, however, Frieza points out that their being running out of time is not his fault, as it was Goku who recruited him late, showcasing his nonchalancy.

As Golden Frieza, he fights the assassins and is fascinated by the assassin's claims that Universe 9 is full of rough fighters. Frieza also reveals that while in Hell, he had mentally trained himself to the point his ki control skills are "delicate enough to not stir water", allowing him to reduce the weaknesses of his Golden Form, Frieza then dubbed himself "True Golden Frieza". Frieza proves his claims when he manages to maintain his Golden Form and even manage to stop an Energy of Destruction sphere Sidra had given the assassins, and later, after he clashed with Goku that rendered him unconscious. However, Frieza is quick to use the attack on Goku, taking advantage of Goku's naïve nature and tendency to let his guard down to attack him with the sphere, even pointing out Goku's softness and telling him to escape from the sphere like he did, even though Frieza himself hardly cares if Goku survives or not.

Frieza even steals a communicator from one of the assassins to contact Roh and Sidra, to offer his services to Universe 9, revealing that he is willing to betray his own Universe to either save himself, or simply for the fun of it, to the disgust of Sidra and Roh, though Sidra does not completely reject Frieza's offer as he believes he can destroy him. Fortunately for Goku, Beerus and Whis arrive, while the latter dispels the Energy of Destruction before it can destroy Goku, in which Frieza destroys the communicator. Though Whis speculates that Frieza may have been attempting to gain information from other Universes, Frieza secretly plots to himself that since the Tournament of Power is making even the Gods uneasy, it is the perfect chance to manipulate them. Due to his increase in power, Frieza is shown to have lost his fear of Beerus as he had previously been quite fearful of Beerus when he appeared on Earth during his revenge though his lack of fear may be due to the fact he knows that Beerus needs him to fight in the Tournament of Power which he notes has made the gods uneasy thus recognizes it as a perfect opportunity to manipulate them and use the tournament itself to his advantage.

Later, when Goku challenges Frieza to a short match, making whoever lands the first punch the winner. If Goku wins, Frieza will forget his grudge and act obedient for Team Universe 7, and if Frieza wins, he gets to do whatever he pleases, even kill. Frieza thinks to himself about his time in Hell, doing not just mental concentration to increase his power, but conducting endless battle simulations of killing Goku, showing that Frieza has remained dedicated to taking his revenge on Goku, though is more patient about going about it and even willing to use the Tournament of Power to his advantage, even considering the possibility of manipulating the gods despite knowing that such blasphemy could get him destroyed. He also makes it clear that he will not take orders from Goku when he tells him to avoid killing more innocent bystanders, making it clear that the conflict between them is not over. Frieza also shows no qualms about risking the fate Universe 7 in order to warm-up, even erasure.

Due to his actions and prominence throughout the universe, his infamy sets the standard for members of his race, with characters often initially mistaking other members of his race to be him (like Chilled, Cooler, Frost, and Froze). His influence on the seventh universe's view of his race is noted in Xenoverse, where a heroic member of his race named Reso notes that his race being evil was a misconception, and only the likes of Frieza and Cold were truly pure evil. Reso is correct as many members of the Frieza Race serve as Time Patrollers, while some of them like Percel and Jierra being shown to be noble and heroic to the point Jierra is shown to despised having to fight alongside the evil Chilled to ensure his survival during his fight with Bardock and disliked having to ensure that planet Sadala of Universe 7 was destroyed by conflict after a history change resulted in peace that would have prevented Sadala's destruction, which is ironic given that Frieza himself would later cause the Genocide of the Saiyans. Though most Frieza Race Time Patrollers lack his evil nature, some are shown to respect Frieza and his family's power, while recognizing that the evil nature and actions of his family has lead to their race being viewed negatively by others especially those that have suffered as a result of Frieza's actions. Future Zamasu notes in Xenoverse 2 that the Frieza Race is not well liked which again is likely due to the impression that Frieza and his family's evil actions have caused his race to be viewed negatively by the rest of the universe. Even Vegeta is shown to have a negative option of their race in Super as he was distrustful of Frost and refused to believe that a member of their race could even be noble or good, though this ultimately proved true at least in the anime.

Frieza has been shown to have a strong influence over people, though in a manner quite unlike Goku, he possess a corrupting influence that can cause some people that he exerts his will over for a long period of time to become much different from before, and more like him. The two most notable examples of this corruption being Vegeta and Tagoma, who both became completely different from how they previously acted due to Frieza.

Despite his evil nature, Frieza can also be quite charismatic towards people who he does not treat badly, as the Ginyu Force all worship Frieza and have extreme loyalty towards him. In Xenoverse 2, both Beerus and Whis note Frieza's charisma. Also, he is implied to be a capable leader, though in Xenoverse 2 in the Frieza's Spaceship rift, it is implied that he has a unique leadership style in which he allows his subordinates to fight amongst each other in an attempt to get in his good graces, yet he can show mercy toward them in the form of second chances as he allows Dodoria and Zarbon to live after they are defeated by the Future Warrior (who was working undercover at the time), though instances such as these are rare and generally a one time thing as he admits that he never gives them more chances. This leadership style fits with Frieza's favoring the strong as the in-fighting keeps his soldiers on their toes and serves as a good way to weed out the weaker members and motivates his staff to become stronger in order to maintain their position, rank, or lives.

While Frieza himself never attempted to kill either his father or brother during his lifetime, and will work together with them to deal with threats to their family's reign (as shown in the Trunks Saga, Plan to Eradicate Super Saiyans, and Xenoverse 2), he has hardly any real love or attachment to them, and even scoffs at the notion of reviving his father when Sorbet suggested it in both Resurrection ‘F’ and Dragon Ball Super. This is further shown when Universe 9 Supreme Kai Roh asks why Frieza would willingly betray Universe 7, asking him about any memories or loved ones Frieza may have, Frieza coldly dismisses him, saying he has no idea what he is talking about causing Roh to label Frieza a psychopath when discussing the possibility of Frieza joining Team Universe 9 with Sidra.

It should be noted that Frieza is aware that Hell will be erased along with Universe 7, resulting in the spirits of both his father, brother, and relatives like Chilled being erased from existence, thus his willingness to betray Universe 7 to join Universe 9 shows that he cares only about himself and has no feelings of attachment for his brother, father, or the rest of the Frieza Clan. It is unknown if Kuriza has been born at this point, though he may not be, as Kuriza seems to care about his son in Nekomajin. While he has no real love for his family, he is proud of his clan and respected his father during his lifetime, as he took his father's warning about never opposing either Beerus or Majin Buu seriously. While they can work together, Frieza and Cooler have a strong sibling rivalry, and it is implied that they would at some point have come into conflict over control of the universe where it not for Frieza's defeat on Namek.

Also interesting to note is that Frieza spent a very long time (possibly his entire life) wanting to rule the 7th Universe, as he already controlled about 70% of the universe, with the realm of the deities not controlled yet. And by the Tournament of Power, he shows less and less fear of the deities and angels, and even Zeno, so far as to address him simply as "Zeno" without "lord" inscribed; later in the said tournament, he addressed the two deities as "colorful brats". He also said that he intended to pit the various Gods of Destruction against each other. In said tournament, he was annoyed by how the Zenos would so casually cause destruction of whole universes, while vowing one day he would overthrow the Zenos. This shows that even Frieza's genocidal nature and love of destruction has its limits, which is supported by the fact that he tends to only destroy on a planetary scale and usually only resorts to such extreme measures when he believes them to be necessary, such as the Genocide of the Saiyans, Destruction of Planet Namek, and his destruction of the Earth in the timeline of Frieza's Revenge, which was erased by Whis's Temporal Do-Over.

It is by this time that Frieza no longer fears the transformations he sees in Saiyans, due to his increased strength, as well as experience with them, as he is first shown simply angered at the sight of Gohan's Super Saiyan form, then shooting him to near-death, and even the Ultra Instinct -Sign- transformation, achieved by his nemesis, which is difficult to attain even by divine standards, and is exceedingly stronger than his previous transformations, simply telling Goku to become stronger, probably due to his desire to use him as a pawn to advance himself with his secret schemes. By the end of the Tournament of Power, despite still openly as evil and selfish as ever, Frieza has come to respect Goku and his allies, amazed at their capacity and willingly celebrated with them for a little bit as well after being revived by Whis.

In Xenoverse, he even goes as far as to say he will annihilate the Future Warrior for their treason (even if they are a member of his race), showing he has no qualms about murdering members of his own species (though this could also be caused by Frieza's mutated bloodline). In FighterZ, he is also shown in a what-if scenario to be disgusted with him being cloned without his consent. He also is demonstrated to have absolutely no qualms with slaughtering his own forces, no matter how loyal they were to him, simply just for being in his way. This was demonstrated twice: once during his Genocide of the Saiyans where he proceeded to use his Supernova attack on Planet Vegeta, clearly not caring at all that several members of his own forces were within the trajectory of the energy sphere despite them begging Frieza not to get them in the crossfire. The second time was when he was about to fight Goku in the Resurrection ‘F’ adaptation in Dragon Ball Super, where he proceeded to transform to his final form, massacring his own troops in the process, and evidently did not care that they were killed - In the movie adaption of Resurrection ‘F’, he simply killed his own forces for their incompetence (despite the Frieza Force's sheer numbers), disgusted at his Frieza Force troops, broken and defeated, while wearing his uniform.

On a related note, he also is very pitiless and unforgiving towards his minions, and, at least in the anime, is shown to kill any minions who end up failing him in some way. One example was with Orlen, whom he killed both because of his failing to ask where Vegeta hid the Dragon Balls to a Namekian survivor from Vegeta's earlier raid and also to set an example to Zarbon about what would happen if he fails to retrieve Vegeta and bring him back to the ship for questioning (it should be noted that this was only in the Anime, as in the Manga, it was Appule who did this report, and Frieza instead simply has him send a request for the Ginyu Force). Similarly, after one of his soldiers backed away in fear due to Future Trunks effortlessly killing several of his men when they swarmed him, Frieza executed him by thrusting his arm through the soldier's chest from behind while looking away in disgust, while coldly telling him "coward!" just as he did so.

Frieza can be best summed up as an intelligent, composed (for the most part), yet extremely sadistic and completely heartless psychopath. His final form's character biography in Raging Blast 2 states that Frieza has unparalleled cruelty. Perhaps the best proof of his unmatched malice is that in Super he is constantly referred as "The most evil guy in Universe 7", while being considered one of the most vile individuals in the multiverse.

Despite all of the despicable traits of Frieza and the atrocities he has committed, the tyrant appeared to show genuine respect for Goku in the Tournament of Power, going so far as to say he was actually grateful for Goku's naive nature, and fighting by the Saiyan Warrior's side to take down Jiren, in such perfect synchronization and understanding of each-other's techniques that it was enough to shock Vegeta. This respect also appears to have extended to several other members of Team Universe 7 as well, most notably Gohan, whose preference for cunning and intelligent-tactics over raw brute-force matched Frieza's own aptitude for underhanded tactics. His growing admiration for the Z-Warriors is shown with the happy flick of his tail at Goku's declaration that he will take him down if he does go back to his evil ways; implying the motivation for his inevitable showdown with Goku may have grown from simple-hatred to the spirited joy of being able to fight a warrior who he can regard as his equal.

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