Gogeit is best friends with Gohat, Gogeit has blonde hair like a Super Saiyan, he began training at the age of 5.
He learned moves like the Kaio-ken and Kamehameha. At his time, the only person able to beat him in a fight was Gohat. Gogeit mostly fooled around but soon became one of the most powerful fighters. He spent most of his time training. He wanted to become as powerful as Gohat. He soon became even in power with Gohat after month's and years of training. He soon got married and had 2 children, both who became Super Saiyans at the age of 8. Goegit then became a Super Saiyan after Years of training. he soon became popular among the Z fighters and became their strongest fighter, He was more loyal to his friend then Goku, which is saying something.