"Power is my speicalty, It's what a use to destroy peole like you!"

- Goget

Goget is Vetio's best friend. Goget is a Super Saiyan, he is the son of Radiz, he takes on after Raditz, but is not

Goget using Energy Fist.

weak. His father Radiz was known to be a weakling becasue his power level was 1,200 and the avarge saiyan's power level is 4,000. Goget was born long after his fathers death. He began training at the age of 3. His power grew faster then Goku's but slower then Vegeta's. Gogets power level is 8,500. He main technique is Energy Fist. In this attack the user puts energy in their hand and then punches you. Goget was the first to create Energy Fist. When you use that attack it almost nevers misses. Goget is much like Goku, he is nice a d fun loving unlike Vegeta who is hot headed. Goget looks like Bardock when he is a Super Saiyan 1 or 2. He also has pride like Bardock. When he flew to Earth he maet many people related to Goku and Vegeta. The was also uncle to many of them due to the fact that his father is Radiz, Goku's brother.