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Goku (Fanon) is the Fan Fiction Goku page. Goku (Fanon) is the second most powerful person in the universe. The only person stronger then him is Vegeta (Fanon).

Fight With AboKadoEdit

When Goku died agian he took a trip back to the Grand Kai's place. Agian there was trouble in hell. Goku and Pikkon travled down to see what all the trouble was about. It was Abo and Kado from all that time ago causing trouble. Goku and Pikkon were creaming Abo and Kado. They tried to fuse to Aka, but that still was not enough to stop Pikon and Goku. Inconveniently Old Kai came and treid to give Goku the fusion earings. Kado took them while they were being givin. Abo and Kado each put one on and became AboKado. He didn't have arms and legs so he was still geting beat up. That is when he went to his super state. Super AboKado was stronger then a super saiyan 4 and had arms and could levitate. The tables were now turned. Goku and Pikon were geting creamed when Goku came up with the idea to fuse also. They preformed the fusion dance and Gokon was formed. Gokon was so strong that he was easly able to stop AboKado with a thunder flash kamehameha blast without going super saiyan. AboKado was not heard from passed that time and he was locked up with the others who wanted to work with Cell.

Fight With Android RaditzEdit

One day a scientest was walking when he saw the remains of Raditz on the ground, when he examined the body it turned out that Raditz's body could be made into a android. After many months the scientest finaly made Raditz a android and Android Raditz even remembers everything that happened before his death. The scientest commanded Android Raditz to kill everyone the scientist hated, but Android Raditz was getting annoyed with the scientest so he killed him with a single punch. Raditz was amazed with his new found power and it turned out that his power increased 850,000,000 times. Android Raditz was able to locate his brother Kakarot and challanged him to fight him, Goku excepted Android Raditz's challange and they begun to fight. In the begining of the fight they both seemed even but it turned out Goku was holding back and when he started fighting for real Raditz was getting destroyed and almost Base form Android Raditz Added by SUPER SAIYAN 4 ERIC died. But some how Raditz still lived and his anger made him become a Super Saiyan and he became even stronger, Goku became a Super Saiyan also and once again was able to over power Raditz. Raditz was so furious and he knew he couldn't stand a chance but then all of a sudden Android Raditz saw the moons of a far away planet and he turned into a Golden Great Ape and then some how he was able to control the form and become a Super Saiyan 4. Goku transformed into a Super Saiyan Android Raditz Added by SUPER SAIYAN 4 ERIC Super Saiyan 4 also and this time was able to kill Android Raditz with a Kamekameha x10 which finished him off. Android Raditz's final words to Goku was "Curse you brother, I can't believe I died for a second time!"

Fight With ArkichoEdit

Arkicho is a evil Saiyan that managed to survive the destruction of planet vegeta however frieza found him himself and brutally murdered him after he arrived in hell he worked years and years on a machine known as the "z sapper" it saps the energy of the z fighters and gives the energy to all the people in hell as the villans in hell gained extreme power they released hell upon the earth..literally as they attacked the z fighters who were now weaker then the vilians however the z fighters managed to beat them sending the villians back to hell. Goku however demanded to keep his father, Barrdock, alive. The z fighters celebrated untill arkicho used his ultimate move "The world sapper" he absorbed energy from everyone on earth and due to sheer power turned into a super saiyan 5 not even the z fighters could beat him at this point. He overcame Goku easy, but then Klen, Goku's adotped doughter fought. She managed to keep Articho down for Goku to get his energy and health back. When Articho got his gaurd back he was strong enough to kill the young female saiyan. Goku was so upset he and all the warriors that the Z fighters have met on there way such as pikkon and even bardock joined to use an ultimate attack on arkicho using all of there power into it utterly destroyed him into pieces as the Z fighters finally won.

Fight With VegetaEdit

It was in the morning. Vegeta woke up and was ready to fight Goku. Vegeta had just became a Super Saiyan 3 and would not let Goku get away with not fighting him. He flew and laned on Goku's property.

Being Bakau's IdleEdit

Bakau is a human Saiyan hybrid. He did not care for Power, his main hero as a kid was Goku, his mom is the Great, Great, Great, Great, Grand Daughter of Goku. He grew up learning how to hlep other Saiyan's. Though he was a fool with his life. He cared so much for others that when King Viki died he turned SSJ2. Much to his shock the people started speaking they said (The Great Master Rises Once Again). He looked around much in shock. Never had he been respected now he was, he laughed and said what's wrong. Then he felt his power level. He was shocked how could it be so high he though, never befor had he known what is was like to be powerful.


Basher is an alien based on Vegeta's, Goku's, and Majin Buu's dna that was made to destroy all Saiyans to get revenge for the Saiyan - Tuffle War. Basher was born as a Super Saiyan 5. Little is known about Basher.

Fight With BuunembaEdit

One day when buu was in hell a new entity named janemba came out of nowhere as he then saw goku come to face this new threat buu thought to himself if i absob him i will be unstoppable! Then after a long fight janemba was forced to transform into super janemba because he was beaten by goku in his other form. Now buu know's he must absorb him as super janemba starts to fight goku buu abosrbs super janemba and goku sitting there thinking why does this have to happen to me *sigh*.Then buunemba comes appears and goku sitting there in fear runs to get vegeta for the fusion dance. Only then he will be abble to deafeat that monster or so he thought. When he finds vegeta he agrees and only because he's in such fear as well then they become gogeta! They go after bunemba only to be punched away. Then gogeta says to himself how can this be! Buuneba goes after gogeta beats the crap out of him and leaves. When gogeta relizes he's no match for such an enemy he must bring such a powerful enemy to the good side. So when he finds buunemba he uses STARDUSTBREAKER! On buunemba only for buunemba to turn gogeta into CHOCOCLATE! When the smoke clears buunemba truns good but gogeta in a piece of chocolate and of couse gets eaten by buunemba and he becomes more powerful than ever and joins the z-fighters. The z-fighters still wonder what happend to gogeta as he never appeared again.

Meeting and Fighting Central KaiEdit

When Galassia was made the new Central Kai, King Kai suggested that the Z fighters go to see the new galaxies. When Goku, Krillin, Goten, Trunks, and Gohan arrived Patuljak soon spotted them. She attacked and was defeated. Galassia used instant transmission to aid her hurt friend. Goku was very impressed about her knowing instant transmition. Galassia was easily able to defeat everyone. But, when she was after Goten he explained what was happening. He started to devolope a crush on Galassia. She apologized, healed the Z fighters, and Patuljak. She then brought them to her planet.

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