Goten''' is the second and last child of the protagonist of the series, Goku and his wife Chi-chi making him a Saiyan and human hybrid. He is Gohan's younger brother, and Trunks' best friend. He look's up to Gohan as a yound child. He is the youngest Saiyan to turn in to a Super Saiyan which he did at 7 years old. In a fanon story he gains a crush on the Central Kai , Galassia.

Early lifeEdit

Goten is the second son of Chi-Chi and Goku, and younger brother to Gohan. Goten is born nine months after the defeat of cell in the cell games saga, and had not met his father Goku until he reached the age of seven.
399px-Son Goten as a child

Goten's personality is similiar to his father's

Goten is not pushed in school as much as Gohan is and instead is trained in martial arts by Chi-Chi. The reasons for this are never fully explained, but it seems to have something to do with Goku's death. Goten as a baby, playing with Gohan and Chi-Chi, wearing similar clothing to Gohan in DBZ, Goten is incredibly strong as a child, far stronger than either Goku or Gohan ever were at his age. Chi-Chi first discovers that Goten can become a Super saiyan at only seven years old (the Dragon ball Z buu's fury video game manual says that he
SSJ Goten

Angry Super Saiyan Goten

was only three years old when he first went Super Saiyan), and he looks almost exactly like Goku when he first transformed into a Super Saiyan. Goten transforming into a Super Saiyan made him the youngest Super Saiyan ever at that point. When Gohan asks how his transformation occurred, Goten said that he was learning Martial Arts from his mom and she told him to never turn Super Saiyan again. The ease at which he does so has been a matter of controversy, seeing as it took years for Goku, Vegeta, and, to a lesser extent, Gohan to obtain and master the technique. Whatever the reason, Goten displays exceptional power at a young age, rapidly increasing his strength. Goku was not a Super Saiyan when Gohan was conceived, but he was at the time of Goten's conception. During Goten's childhood he is good friends with Bulma and Vegeta's son Trunks, who he would have "fight games" with. He fuses with Trunks later aginst Buu to make Gotenks. This serves to increase their respective strength significantly, compared to the other Human-Saiyan hybrids that are seen at that age.