Guerrier is a Saiyan warrior elite. He was Klen 's brother. He died during the druction of Planet Vegeta. He was known best for the doom of Planet Nourriture. On the before the planet he made a friend who was killed by Raditz starting a rivalry.

Planet NourritureEdit

King Vegeta gave Raditz and Guerrier a chance to be an elite if they could kill the residents of Planet Nourriture. Because or the death of his friend Guerrier was aiming for revange. When everyone was dead Guerrier and Raditz fought on the planet to be the one to become an elite. Guerrier had the advantage easy. This angerd Radtiz so he started to jut insults about Guerrier dead friend in wich Raditz killed. Guerrier outraged from the insult to injury went acended super saiyan basicly killing Raditz. Raditz begged for mercy and Guerrier obliged stating that Raditz is to low to be killed by a 'super saiyan'. leaving Raditz to die on the planet. When other people came on the planet they noticed Raditz and saved his life

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