The Kai Spear is an all powerful spear that can destroy a person other than a Supreme Kai into dust just by
Kai spear

Kai Spear

looking at it.

How it was createdEdit

When the Kai Spear was created the Universe was still young, and the only life was a single Supreme Kai. The Original Supreme Kai was getting bored of being the only living being so he finally came up with a plan. The Original Supreme Kai cut off his own index finger and created a spear out of it. The Original Supreme Kai used his new spear and stabbed the heart of the Universe and then all of a sudden a bright light flashed and more life was created.

Hundreds of years laterEdit

Everyone was living in peace for a long time but when something good is happening it doesn't last forever. A evil wizard heard tales of the magnificent spear that created all life and he sought it out for himself.

The evil wizard eventually found a temple where the spear was and he took it. The evil wizard thought that if the spear could create life it can take it away. The evil wizard was right even though the spear was created to make life and bring good to the Universe it can also bring devastating harm to it as well.

Everyone thought it was all over and the Universe was done for but there was still hope. The Original Supreme Kai was still alive and when he heard the news he rushed to find the evil wizard. When the Original Supreme Kai finally found the evil wizard he confronted him and then he touched the spear putting the rest of his life force in it. The Original Supreme Kai's life force was so strong it shattered the spear and killed the evil wizard along with it. The Universe was safe once again. The Original Supreme Kai's son the Old Kai was left to take care of the Universe and he did for a long time until he was sealed in a magical sword.

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