Kid buu doing a back flip

Kid buu being crazy as he is ended up in the circs. Though doing just fine at his new "job" he has become tried of it. Now he just wants to destory everything as being the little psycho he is. First he starts with destorying the entire circs, then destorys the whole city. But before he can go any further he is stopped by an unknown hero. The hero's name being Jeto, though Jeto seems weak at first he shouldn't be underestimated. The two just stare at each other for a while, but then kid buu blows up yet another city, Jeto having enough of the carnage he attacks kid buu. Kid buu being suprised at just how strong Jeto is he powers up at least half way. Then kid buu over powering Jeto in every way (and only at half power) Jeto worries he might not win after all. Then Jeto takes a gamble by sacrificing himself in order to save the world. Jeto goes all out, catches kid buu then blows up.....*later that day* Kid buu is seen yet again, but this time with a pure heart, though it may seem, Jeto's sacrifice must of turned kid buu into a hero or kind hearted person instead of killing him. Jeto now dead, kid buu becomes the new hero. (Yep, Jeto's death was pretty much for nothing). Legato Bluesummers

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