Link, the Saiyan

Link is a Saiyan who died hundreds of years before the destruction of Planet Vegeta. He saved the planet from darkness many times. It was the stories of his heroicness that created the story for the games Legend Of Zelda. He was the Super Saiyan 500 years ago that Vegeta was talking about. One day Trunks was playing Ocarina of Time. Vegeta noticed the resemblance to the legend. Vegeta got an idea to resurrect the warrior to show Trunks. When the dragon balls were gathered they resurrected Link. Link was angry about being awoken after 500 years. Soon Tapion noticed the power and came to see what it was he saw it was Link and the two got into a fight. Link was the last ocarina player. But, Link ran away. The two fought hard but, because Link was a Super Saiyan, he had the advantage. Trunks could not bare to see Tapion get injured. So, he pulled out his sword. Now, Tapion and Trunks were winning. They soon disarmed Link and he apologized and traveled back to other world not to be seen again.

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