Majin Bulma

Majin Bulma is the Majin version of Bulma. One day, Bulma was coming home after buying groceries. Babidi was a spirit and came back to life for a day. Babidi was in west city when he saw Bulma getting mugged by thieves. Babidi noticed and gave her some money. When she touched the money she realized it had Majin energy in it and turned into Majin Bulma. Bulma started to wreak havoc on the city. Gohan was the Great Saiyaman at the time and went to stop the threat. When he saw it was Bulma he couldn't keep attacking. He brought her back to Capsule Corp. and Vegeta looked after her until the Dragon Balls were collected. Shenron took the Majin out of her and put her back to normal. But, Babidi created a copy of Majin Bulma and kept her for his devious deeds. The end, or is it?

Da, da, da