An Omega Saiyan is aquired directly after Hyper Saiyan. It's in an OS (Original Series) I made called "Dragon Ball
400px-Omega Saiyan
GP (Giga Power)", and the sequel series, "Dragon Ball VR (Vegeta's Rage)". In those two series, there is no such thing as a Super Saiyan 5,6,7,etc. I made something original. It seems I'm one of the only ones that's not making Af the sequel of DBGT, but DBGP as the sequel, actually something original. Anyway, this form is much more powerful than Hyper Saiyan. It was not even known that this form existed by any living thing in all of the Multiverse. This form really doesn't have much History, as it was revealed for the very first time by Vegeta (In Dragon Ball GP). Goku obtained this transformation not very long after Vegeta did.


As you can see in the picture above, an Omega Saiyan has green Super Saiyan-shaped hair, green eyebrows, green fur around his/her torso and on his/her arms, as well as a tail not seen in the image of Vegeta because his tail is behind him.

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