Paragus is a Saiyan and the father of Broly. His name is a pun on the word "asparagus".


When King Vegeta realized the power of Paragus' son, Broly, he ordered Broly to be executed. Paragus tried to
plead with him, stating that Broly was only a child and could even grow into a extremely valuable ally for the King's son, Vegeta, but his pleas fell on deaf ears and he was ordered to be executed as well. They were both thrown out like garbage, although they both survived. On the same day, Frieza destroyed Planet Vegeta, and Broly used a sphere of his own power to protect himself and Paragus, transporting them to another planet. Apparently, he knew Bardock, as he recognizes Goku as the former's son.

A young Paragus raised Broly, who grew up violent and destructive, killing and destroying everything uncontrollably. Paragus eventually had a scientist create a mind-control device capable of restraining, and controlling Broly's rage and power, after an incident in which Broly gouged out his left eye with a single punch. He later came up with a plan to get revenge on Prince Vegeta by luring him to a ruined planet in the way of a massive comet called Comet Camori, which would destroy the planet and kill everyone on it in the process.

Paragus on New Planet Vegeta Added by PrinceZarbon Paragus also killed one of his soldiers, Moah, when this soldier said he was afraid after he discovered Paragus' plan to let Comet Camori destroy New Planet Vegeta. However, the plan failed when Broly broke the crown and went berserk, attacking Goku and the others. When Paragus attempted to escape in his escape pod (expressing regret in regards to having to abandon Broly to his fate), Broly kills him by crushing the pod, then throwing it into the approaching comet; just before dying, Paragus lamented on the fate of a Saiyan being killed by his own child.