Spratuk was a Saiyan warrior who was the adopted father of Patomo. He fought in the Saiyan Tuffle War alongside Bardock. After Frieza took over the Saiyans him and his team were exiled for speaking out against Frieza and sent to another galaxy ruled by Frieza's son Fridga. When he attempted to rebel against Fridga and rescue captured comrades he was killed by Fridga but not before killing Frieza's mother Queen Shiver as well as Fridga's mate Frost and Cooler's mate Icera as well as successfully rescuing all of Fridga's comrades. Unlike most full blooded Saiyans Spratuk fought with a sense of honor and valued innocent life something he taught his follwers and was later taken up by Patomo as well as Turnarrot though they would fight like a true saiyan warrior against enemies who weren't helpless or innocent. He also had a deep hatred for mutants and considers them scum and killed them mercilessly. This is because they killed his parents as well as several close comrades of his.