Super Kami Guru


Team Four StarEdit

On the TV show Guru is very wise but on the

Natural Light


I saw a bird

paradoy, Dragon Ball Abringed created by Team Four Star makes Guru very immature. He is always demanding that Nail should 'Gather the Dragon Balls

Super Kami Guru allows

and wish for a Tv'. When Nail talks back about that he states 'I will missuse my hand upside your fase'. He tends to find birds very pretty but wants Nail to 'kick their ass'. He thinks humans are Albino Namekians and hates natural light. He says that Dende is like Batman because he has no family. Whenever a visiter comes he wants Nail to take their coat. In the Lord Slug Abringed Special he states Lord Slug is his 'good' half. Also, when he learns that Kami calls himself god Guru changes his name to Super Kami Guru. Plus, he finds Yamcha dissapointing.

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