Transformation Potion is a simpler way of obtaining a transformation. Instead of trying to obtain a transformation

Transformation Potion

under certain circumstances(i.e. Super Saiyan - extreme anger, Perfection - absorbing Androids) the user can just drink the potion and will automatically gain one extra transformation. This potion may apply to all races. Humans can become superhumans, Namekians can become Super Nameks, etc. Even users who already have transformations(i.e. Frieza, Cell) may gain one extra transformation just by drinking it.

Side EffectsEdit

A few side effects from drinking the potion are:

  • Temporary extreme fatigue
  • Temporary decreased stamina
  • Temporary loss of vision (similar to being blinded by solar flare)
  • Temporary inability to use ki

When preparing for a battle, it is advisable to wait out the side effects.