Vekau is a very powerful saiyan. He became a Super Saiyan after he saw that a stranger killed his only son. Vekau is a

Vekau as a Super Saiyan.

hotheaded man. He has a sister which he has never seen that his dad tells him about and he can use a new attack called the Ultra Kamehameha which triples the power in the attack. He has gotten to super saiyan two, but had a very hard time due to the fact that he is a low class saiyan. He is over Frieza's power level, but they still called him a low class. He has seen vegeta once and thought he could beat him in a battle since he was super saiyan one. Vegeta beat him up with one punch as a ssj4. He does not hate Vegeta, but he still wants to beat him in a battle similar to Vegeta and Goku.

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