What If: Captain Ginyu is a short hypothetical story about how Captain Ginyu switches his body with Frieza.

Captain Ginyu: *thought* Our lord is sure giving alot of orders. I wonder what it would be like if I was in charge...Wait a minute.

Later on Planet Frieza 48

Captain Ginyu: Greetings Lord Frieza. I have just finished my duty of exterminating all the beings on the other planets. There were no difficulties whatsoever.

Frieza: Fine work Ginyu.

Captain Ginyu: *thought* Heh. He'll never see it coming.

Captain Ginyu: CHANGE NOW!!!

Frieza: W-What?!?!

Frieza and Ginyu have now switched bodies

Captain Ginyu(Frieza's body): Alright!! This power is amazing!!

Frieza(Ginyu's body): Ginyu you imbecile! Change our bodies back at once!

Captain Ginyu(Frieza's body): So sorry Lord Frieza or should I just say Frieza. Now I'm in charge and the first thing I'm gonna do is take care of you. *uses Death Beam*

Frieza(Ginyu's body): Gaaack!! NOOO!!

Captain Ginyu(Frieza's body): Alright men. Now I'm in charge. I now want to be called Lord Ginyu or maybe Supreme Ginyu and the first thing I ask you all to do is...practice these wonderful poses OR YOU WILL ALL DIE. *Looks at Ginyu Force* That means you too men.

Random Soldier: *mutters under breath* Why must we suffer?

Supreme Ginyu: Think I didn't here that did you soldier? *uses Death Beam*

Random Soldier: Aahhh!!

A few hours later

Supreme Ginyu: That's right. Great job men. Follow my moves. If any of you are to mess up in the slightest, I will chop all of your legs and arms off.

Random Soldier 2: *gulp*


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