Hot kid
Ok here's a fusion between Goku jr and Vegeta jr I would like to call then either vgo or gota. This fusion would be just like Goku and Vegeta and there for would be a great fusion. The power of this fusion in my guess would be 200,000,000 and the fusion is the fusion dance not porta. Ok the story shall start now. Ok one day the 27 fighting between goku jr and vegeta j in the tournment has gone for 3 hours now and the crowd still cheering and Mr.satan stitting there saying how hes awesome he when hes a total coward but down in hell there was also a tornment in a way. Cell was tring to kill kid buu which doesn't seem to work at all and not only that kid buu has become so strong now hes at a ssj4 level. It even seems like hes holding back although its hard to tell? Then the next thing cell knows he has a fist to his face and goes fling and passes out. Then all hell breaks lose and kid buu seees the exist and happily takes his leave. Then at the tournment vegeta j has won with one last galick gun to goku's jr face and won. Then old pan from 100 years ago goes to see whats going on in satan city and sees a pink kid blowing up the city. She yells at him to stop but hes respons with a kamehameha. Then pan passes out with one hit then kid buu absorbs a civillian and now can speak even more than before. Now with better speach he says to a person working at a candy store give me all the candy you have but the person doesn't respond. So then at that moment kid buu says give me all the candy or fry so the person at the counter says ok ok just don't hurt me and kid buu says "sure i won't" and onec kid buu got the candy he blew it all up and well that was fun he sayed. Then goku j looks for grama pan but finds her knockedout and then sees kid buu as for vegetal jr also helped out the serch but on the other side of the city and kid buu says het wanna play a game with me. Then goku j responds with what why and kid buu says well won't that be fun? Goku says well ok what is it and kid buu says blow up all that you see. Goku jr says even people and kid buu says yes why not? Goku then asked did you do this to my grama and kid buu says yeah why? Thats it goku jr resond with and charges at buu but gets knocked back with no effort from buu. Then vegeta goes help goku jr and only to find out what had happend and tells goku j to get back up you little weakling! We have to beat him goku jr says and vegeta j responds with no i will beat him after all i am better than you! Goku jr says "oh yeah you really are" and vegata says now you understand and goku j feels dumbfounded at the fact vegeta would really beleave that even with all that cockyness. Then vegeta goes after buu and buu just stands there like now what shall i do? Then vegeta jr bounces right off of buu and buu didn't even feel anything. Then kid buu tells them to leave him alone and they say why did you do all this and buu says well itnt it a good thing thats what bibiddi told me its good to cause carnage? No its not hey said and then then fuse into vgo and go after buu. Then a huge suprise came out of the fusion after getting so mad they unlock s lot of power and some how become almost as strong ssj4 goku and with the power of the fusion its like almost unstopable. Its not like buu isnt strong enough either to take them on. After a breif fight they are alomst as equells but buu still has more power. Then vgo asked who is this bibiddi and buu says well he said hes my father. Vgo was like huh and told you that this is ok bad parenting i see. Huh kid buu replies and vgo says well its not good to do al this and then buu feels bad and he asks can you help me be good then? Then vgo says sure i guess your not really bad huh ok lets be friends and buu is just floating there like whats a friend and that's exactly what he was thinking. Then vgo says its when other people hang out and don't hurt each other and buu say oh now i know ok lets be friends. After that buu has new frinds and his first frinds ever and now a new and powerful ally and live in a way a new and happy life. Oh and mr. satan dies and everyone is very happy that he did lol. The end!Total carnage 23:40, October 8, 2011 (UTC)